April 20, 2009



I havn’t been blogging for ages now but I have been Tweeting, which is so much easier from my iPhone, so I’m going to more-or-less shut this blog down and replace it with my Twitter.


July 31, 2008


Well, tomorrow is the last day of my work placement, time to go and buy some cakes.

For some reason, despite having no real friends here outside work and spending all evening doing nothing I still didn’t manage to find time to blog regularly. I guess you just find things to do to fill spare time.

Anyways, the company I’ve been working for have decided that I did a good enough job for them to offer me a retainer. Bascially they give me £3000 and in return I come and work for them after I graduate. If I choose not to work for them I then have to pay them the £3000 back.
It’s quite a nice safety blanket, and even if someone else offers me a better job or higher salary than they do I will have still got 1 year worth of interest on the money :)


February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Writing about web page http://www.xperthr.co.uk/blogs/employment-intelligence/2008/02/why-millions-of-us-will-be-wor-1.html

Happy leap day everyone.

Or maybe that should just be “everyone who isn’t on an annual salary”, ‘cos if you are you will get paid no more this year than any other year but will work an extra day.

That never occurred to me, but then I’ve never been on an annual salary before.

Nevermind, I’m only working for a year so it makes no real difference to me.

February 24, 2008

Animal Testing

I saw this a while ago but it was too dark to take a photo. I saw it again today and got a photo this time.


This is just going too far on the animal testing thing.
Would you really want to feed your pets petfood that hadn’t been tested on animals.

I give up :)

February 18, 2008

Congratulations – You Have Been Chosen

It really annoys me how much companies lie to get customers and/or money.

From a letter I got today from Littlewoods:

An amount of money has already been reserved for you … It could be anything from £15 … to £30,000 cash to spend as you wish. Waiting for the catch, well there isn’t one. We just thought we’d like to celebrate the lauch of our new catalogue. ... Along with your award we would like to send you a copy of our catalogue free of charge.

So what has been redefined in the english language to make “There isn’t a catch” mean the following. From the small print:

Your request for a catalogue will also act as a request for us to open a credit account for you subject to status. The awards are conditional upon being accepted for a Littlewoods credit account and on the return of a signed credit agreement. The £15 award is to be redeemed against goods purchased from the catalogue.

It really does infuriate me.

-> goes to watch the Simpsons.

My Cubicle

Something for the monday morning blues:

February 10, 2008

08 Update

I didn’t exactly make any new-years resolutions his year. The only things I had to do were learn to drive and loose some weight.

I’ve finally got back to the gym, having gone last Wednesday and Friday and I hope to go every Mon, Weds & Fri from now on. The worst bit of going to the gym is getting there. Once I’m there it’s actually not that bad. I go after work so I get to watch the Simpsons while working out which is cool.

It’s about the same distance from home to work as it is from work to the gym but unfortunately it’s in the opposite direction then making the walk home even worse, especially ‘cos most of me aches if it’s been a good workout.
It just seems a bit odd walking from work to the gym, walking and cycling at the gym and then walking back from the gym, past work to home.


To fulfil the 2nd part of the resolutions I’m going to choose a driving school on Monday and get some lessons going.

In work news the team I’m in has been split in 2 and 3 of us are being moved from the “Corporate Solutions Group” to the “Web Solutions Group”. The work isn’t going to change much bit we’ll be nearer the users of our solutions so it does make more sense. We’re not likely to move soon ‘cos there isn’t enough space on the WSG floor but that will make 2 office moves in 7 months which is fun.

It’ll be interesting to have a change in scenery but I just go where I’m told to go and do what I’m told to do so it’s all good.

February 02, 2008


How many people have had to go through something like this recently?


January 16, 2008


I just got most of the parts for my new computer. I’ve got everything apart from the graphics card. The first absurdity is CPU box sizes. The following is my new CPU just out of its box.

New Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Duo Close Up
When you look at the size of the CPU itself it’s rediculous. It’s just that little silver square on the top of the plastic.

Ebuyer Box
Ebuyer Box Content The next one is one of the boxes I got from ebuyer . It contained only 1 item, a serial cable which seems really stupid but the reason is that it was delivered from an external warehouse to ebuyer and then sent onto me, but what a waste of card and packaging.

Bus Stop Sign
Bus Side Sign

These final 2 are ones I found while looking around my camera. The one on the left is from a bus stop in sutton. What does it mean? What else can you do when a bus terminates at a stop? Nevermind.

The one on the right is a sign from a bus on campus a long time ago. It seems a contradiction at first but I suppose it does make sense after a moment’s thought.

Well, the new PC is almost ready. I just need to get a graphics card, which is out of stock at the moment, then transfer an HDD over from my current computer and then I’m all set to go.

How For Now!

January 03, 2008

Post Christmas

Christmas was good. I was at home with the family and had a christmas pretty much like last year. Nothing special but it was good.

I now have a DAB clock radio and a Digital Freeview Set-Top Box so I’m right up there in the digital age now :).

I’ve just been to Tesco and on the bus on the way back home I saw another rubbish sign on the bus.

Bus Sign


It’s hard to take a good photo on a moving bus with a rubbish camera but you can just about make it out. It says “Please do not speak to or obscure the driver’s vision while the bus is moving” which is not what they mean atall. Rubbish!

I also made a great discovery of some mayo in Tesco. Not very exciting for most people but I love Heinz mayo. Previously I could only get hold of it by nicking handfulls of the little sachets (pictured) from restaurants and bars. Now I’ve found the bottles at Tesco my dream has come true. OK so I have to get the “Light” stuff because of the amount I eat but it’s still very good mayo and half price at the moment.

You may think me sad but, hey.

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