About me

Hiiiiiii, my names Simon, nicknamed Justin (dont ask…please!) and im a 3rd year student studying politics. it’s not that dull honestly! :) I’m dedicated to the love of the game, football that is! Playing for Westside, we’re climbing high in the kpmg league, come support us wednesday afternoons….if you’re that bored!! also captain Atletico Cryfield in 5-a-side, and we’ve just made it into the last 8 of the laegue….thats good news! ...

I’m quite a fun lovin kinda guy, and very, very childish! big fan of spongebob squarepants, (make sure u go watch the movie!) Big fan of cheesy music and r’n’b, and looooooove soul nation.

I’m from the lovely South, down in Dooooorset, and no we dont all drive tractors and live on farms….seriosuly! just most of us! :)