April 03, 2009

Barcode Xpress in Coldfusion

In the category of ‘things I wish I’d found when I was looking in Google’. This is a simple demo of integrating the Barcode XPress java SDK into ColdFusion, so that we can find and read DataMatrix barcodes. It loops through a list of image files found in the sub-directory ‘uploads’. Any CF-readable image will do. Uses the brilliant javaloader

<cfset pathArray = ArrayNew(1) />
<cfset pathArray[1] = expandPath("tasbar5.jar") />

<cfset loader = createObject("component", "javaloader.JavaLoader").init(pathArray) />

<cfset uploads = ExpandPath("uploads") />
<cfdirectory action="list" directory="#uploads#" name="files" />

<cfdump var="#files#" expand="false" />

<cfoutput query="files">
    <p>#name#</p><hr />
    <cfset start = GetTickCount() />
    <cfimage name="scan" source="uploads/#name#" action="read" />
    <cfset BarReader = loader.create("tasman.bars.BarReader").init(ImageGetBufferedImage(scan)) />
    <cfset ReadOptions = loader.create("tasman.bars.ReadOptions").init() />
    <cfset ReadOptions.codeDataMatrix = true />

    <cfset barCodes = BarReader.readBars(ReadOptions) />

    <cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(barCodes)#" index="i">
        <cfset bc = barCodes[i] />
        <cfdump var="#bc.toString()#" />   
    <br />Detection complete in #GetTickCount() - start#ms

May 07, 2008

WBS Cricket Fixtures

Summer running

The damage today ...

  • Stingy nettle sting to the back of the leg
  • Three flies: one in each eye and one down the back of my throat
  • GPS all but useless near trees
  • Too hot, too slow
Summer. Bah humbug.

March 11, 2008

Database Tools

A couple of interesting Open Source projects for helping with database clustering / mirroring. Firstly, Sequoia which provides clustering, load balancing and fail-over. It forms an intermediate 'invisible' level in your application architecture, based on JDBC. Secondly, the Daffodil replicator also speaks JDBC but this time provides a synchronisation service to a potentially heterogenous environment.

January 16, 2008

The Enemy :: This Song Is About You. Remix 2.

Follow-up to Open Source music from minutiae

.. and mix 2: The Colossus Mix:

Ah. I seem to have exhausted my quota...

Watch this space ...

The Enemy :: This Song Is About You. Remix 1.

Follow-up to Open Source music from minutiae

As promised, here is remix one: "Earlsdon Lounge Remix"

January 10, 2008

Open Source music

Writing about web page http://www.theenemy.com/news.php?page=1&id=130

OK, perhaps I'm overstating this a little but Coventry band The Enemy have released their next single as 'source code', by which I mean all the component tracks are available individually for download.

It's presented in terms of a competition. Fans are encouraged to make their own remixes of the song and submit them back to the band. The band's favourite mix will appear on the b-side of the single.

I've done two, which have already gone off to the band and which I'll post here later. The licencing model is unclear ;-) but if I'm not selling them then I'm sure no one will mind. (Famous last words...)

December 09, 2007

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Despite looking like he was going to win it all year, he quite unexpectedly ended up coming second:

Now where have I heard that before ...?


Writing about web page http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/brio/

Brio is the codename for the next version of Adobe Acrobat Connect, or Breeze as  it used to be called (... and still is called by many because it's a better name!) Having taken a very cursory glance it appears there are two interesting points: first it's implemented entirely in Flash so one can present without installing software; second that it's free for up to three participants. Having heard recently about some of our academics using chat clients for 'office hours' (times at which they are available to students for general questions), this appears a natural choice for taking this further. The ability to share the desktop, alongside VOIP, could make this ideal for tutors.

Talking of shared desktop, here's a variation on an old theme. Invite yourself to your own meeting, then share your desktop with yourself. Hours of fun and you can share it with a friend as well!


December 07, 2007

Google Chart API

Writing about web page http://code.google.com/apis/chart/

There's no stopping those clever Google folk. This is another exciting development in the ever changing world of charting. Flex charts are like so yesterday ;-)

Mmmm charts

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