May 13, 2010

Leadership in your Palm

Good morning everybody..

A very good article which needs to be shared with u all. Pls go thru it.

Leadership in ur palm.

1.     The fingers have difficulty in contacting each other. But, Thumb easily touches each of the fingers. Thumb and four fingers come together easily.

An effective leader is in touch with each of the members and brings them together.

  1. Though Thumb is smaller in size than three of the fingers, it is solid and strong.

An effective leader is strong and solid in will though he may be smaller in size. Size is not a determining factor for leadership but being solid and strong matters.

3.     All the four fingers have three joints each though Thumb has got only two joints. But Thumb is more flexible than each of them.

An effective leader may have less skill than the members but is flexible to utilize the skills of members.

4.     The four fingers are facing the world and are externally directed. Thumb looks towards both the world and also towards the four members.

Effective leader minds both members and work. He actually cares for members so that they can care for work.

5.     Fingers cannot work without Thumb. Thumb cannot work without fingers. Fingers need Thumb and Thumb needs Members.

Members cannot work without leader. Leader cannot work without members. Members need leader and leader needs members.

6.     Thumb helps fingers to do different jobs in different forms like holding, pulling, lifting etc and adds value in many ways.

Leader helps members to perform many tasks and adds value in many ways.

7.     There is a trouble maker in the fingers. That is index finger. It points out again and again. “This is wrong”. “That is wrong”. It threatens, it questions, it disagrees, But when this aggressive finger joins Thumb, it makes a perfect sign.

Amongst members there may be members who questions, disagrees, accuses. But effective leader joins that very member to create excellence and perfect ness.

8.     Very important thing. Both Thumb and fingers cannot do without bending .While standing rigid no work can be done. When they bend they can do many things.

Both leader and member have to be humble to do effective work. Being rigid with own egos will not contribute. Bending together and mending together is ending of all problems and the master key to success. To bend, to be humble is to understand each other. To understand one has to stand under.

9.     When Thumb and all the fingers close together in unity, they become a strong iron fist, which can hammer and crash anything.

When leader and members close together in unity them become a strong force and can hammer and crash any problem.

10. When four fingers close together and Thumb stands high representing Team it is ‘Thumbs up”. A victory for Team.

When members close together and leader is shining with smile and standing for the team it is “spirits up”. A victory for Team.

11. When all fingers including the Thumb join with each other and palm is held up, it is “Abhayam”, Fearlessness.

When all members including the leader join with each other and the team stands up, it is “Success”.

Thus responsible leadership and effective team are in your hand.

May 08, 2010


I always had this question that Leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Martin Luther King Jr., Hitler (controversial) and many more which have and had so many followers around the world due to their ideology, qualities, oratory skills, behavior and nature, why these great leaders are killed and never have a peaceful death? Why this happens when everybody in the world follows them still few people dont like their ideology?

Why being such a effective and good leader, your thought dosent change the thinking of this group of people? Why ur thoughts are not effective here?

During the pre module week, i had good conversation with Paul regarding this, Leaders and Leadership. And after a long discussion, i realized that as they had so powerful thought process, their thoughts turned threats to these people. They didnt realised that by killing thesd men, they are not killing the thoughts and hence their ideology became more stronger, it penetrated deeper in the minds of the people, some of these great leaders became the father of the nation and some became the most influential leaders in the world. They became The Invincibles. They are still alive in the minds of the people and the world still follows them.

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