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June 13, 2014

KBAM isystems in SMEs

The initial thought we had on how to present KBAM was truly dreadful, and I think it is, because of the time we had and the large scope of the 2 similar (yet quite different) concepts: Knowledge and Asset management.

Observing from what every group presented, surely there were some similarities (in terms of what was covered) - but we had very different approaches for WaveRiders. So it hit me that, is there a generic model that most organizations follow, such as off-the-shelf models of KBAM? Surely it's not so hard to find off-the-shelf products for knowledge management or asset management individually, but to have a total package - it must be very expensive and considering it's for SMEs, it's worth looking in to.

Especially for those of you concentrating on SMEs for your dissertation and maybe working/owning and SME sometime in the future, it's interesting to see how these very large concepts can be adapted on a small scale, first in terms of learning them, then how to actually acquire and adopt them to the SME you are involved in. Is there a best-practice that companies use to apply the total package?

For instance, there are plenty of Safety Mangemnet Systems that are availabel today, adapting the govering bodies' requirements and tailoring the details to meet their market. But sometimes, these management systems can be adopted to an SME level, but it seems that there is always a compromise - limited capabiliteis becuase you're paying less (consideing what's worthwhile for the size of your company). This trade-off is something I totally disagree with, becuse trying to buy something that's not 100% doing what its supposed to is simply defeating the purpose of having it in the first place.

So I think it is best to hire someone from who is an expert in that field into the small-sized company - then creating a project team to implement it (many of you have done this in your presentations). I feel that this will allow a system to be built based on the organziation, while adapting the important requirements of the governing bodies that are mandated by law or to be part of a group that supports this type of certification. Surely, this will allow the company to optimize their asset and knowledge on a system built specifically for them and surely less expensvie than what's available in the market.

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