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June 10, 2014

Consciously vs Unconsciously being aware

I'm going to discuss this in terms of actively and passively doing something.

Learning from the past is undoubedtly very valuable and can be vouched for by any wise expereinced person, and is a fundamental to knowledge management (learning from existing knowledge).

However, many fail to understand an importnat point, learning from the past and doing what others or you did in the past, should not be the solution to everything. For instance, if i learn from what others did last year in MBE and apply the informaiton I recieved to this year, I MIGHT do well. However, there is no certainty in this, so if something changes this year (that is different to how things were last year), I cannot rely soley on that information. But it seems that in many job roles, people tend to act based on how their predecessors did it, hoping that since the previous person performed well, following that person's informaiton should lead me to the same result.

However, the world doesn't operate on a constant line, so people cannot think passively only, but should be active and receptive to what goes on around them; thus, conciously being aware. I believe that it is a double-edged sword when new workers are taught to understand previous data/knowledge/informaiton properly, so they know what to do, but in fact, the high-paced market has caught up within a year already and there are some things that need to be changed, but you were just told to learn from what the preivous person did.

So when something unexpected comes up, do you perform based on what you learned about the past, or do you actively engage in possiblities that can be different?

I strongly suggest the latter.

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