October 10, 2008

I won't forget at this moment

We started learning the module of CBE(Creating Business Excellence) in this week. Our course leader assigned us 6 projects to work using our forums and personal blogs to present the learning ideas by ourselves. We are divided into 4 teams doing the same projects and presentations. My teammates have worked so hard on projects that I found they are brilliant and awesome during the working hours on these projects. They are motivated, reflective, and passionate on studying the assigned projects. I really admire our teammates who are seriously working so hard spending the time in Learning Grid.

Here comes the problem to me on studying our projects which are the problems of me in lacking of academic English ability. Obviously, I couldn't chase the pace after my teammates as well as they have done. I felt deeply worried and anxious about my studying and learning in CBE module at this moment. I remembered that our tutor shared with his words to us in facing the fear. Paul, our tutor said, "You are going to be successful. You can't run away of it. You have to talk to group of your people. You will be thinking about your assignments. You are taking away on your module......and Someone will be the leader who takes time out to work and organizes the plan." Our teammates did a good job searching library databases and developing their ideas appropriately to support their views. Suddenly, I felt that I have always leaned on their ideas and analyses all the time. I was totally out of the teamwork at all. I was so embarrassed about my contribution to these projects. I thought that I was very sorry to my teammates because of my poor of academic English ability.

I started to think of quitting our team and studying alone in this module work. I was absent from the forums meeting in Learning Grid yesterday morning. I made a stupid decision to write a note sent it to our teammates. No sooner had it arrived on our forums than it was discussed with our teammates immediately. Allan replied to me with teammate's concern about me. They invited me to get back to join with our team working together. No matter how hard the job will be to me, my teammates would love taking good care of me. Suddenly, I teared for their deeply love to me at that moment and I am the lucky guy having deeply love from my lovely teammates, Allan, Amanda, Crystal, Mannu, Mariana, and Wii.....Finally, I faced my fear that was not the real problem to learn our projects. Such as Paul said to me, "Please go and enjoy the company of our colleagues."

How could I make a nonsense with my colleagues? I apologize to my colleagues about my rudeness. And I appreciate that you give me the help on my studying. Thank you all of you. My dear friends. Today is the Birthday of Taiwan and I also renew my mood to welcome my studying approach. Happy Birthday to Taiwan!! And Happy Birthday to Taiwanese & Shu-Hao...!! Keep going on....!! Don't let you down..!!

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  1. Paul Roberts

    A good reflection Shu-Hao. Thank you for sharing your experience. The key learning point here is that although we often prize being an independent person, rather than a dependent one, there is a higher level of engagement and that is interdependence. Just because your English may not be as fluent as some of your teammates does not mean that you have nothing to contribute and the more you take part in team discussions, the faster your English will improve and the more you will be able to contribute. We could call this a virtuous circle which is infinitely more desirable than attempting to study on your own believing that your team can progress faster without you.

    By the way, your English is improving dramatically and it will not be long now before you do not even think about it :-)

    16 Oct 2008, 14:19

  2. Ricky,

    Nice of you to admit it and publish here. Don`t be afraid because none of your colleagues care about proficiency in English (even because except by one or two none of can speak English perfectly!). It will take a bit mor of effort, but that will certainly pay in one year time!

    Cheers friend!


    17 Oct 2008, 18:11

  3. Ricky~ thank you for sharing your story… It is a learning experience for all of us, I am also just beginning to learn about team work… as Paul said, it is better for us to learn that in a supportive environment than to learn it the hard way when we go out into the real world. I wish every good luck ~!

    19 Oct 2008, 01:47

  4. Ricky. don’t worry. I am with you…my academic English is terrible as well. I don’t even know how to handle the PMW in the coming 3 weeks. But we will finish it eventually!! let’s go for it and face our fears.. go go go!!

    23 Oct 2008, 22:49

  5. keep going Ricky!!!

    30 Nov 2008, 18:17

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