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October 05, 2008

An Artist Leader vs. Leadership style

A modern decoration art which was 300 centimeter high standing in the class seemed like a giraffe created by a team of postgratuates of MBE at WMG. These postgratuates became the artists creating an decoration art in an hour time and the process was full of vision, confidence, image-building, role-modeling, inspirational communication, time management, innovation, and development which were the elements of leadership style. No wonder we started being the artist first and getting to know how we would learn the leadership style. Absolutely, we were learning of being the leader finally and making the decoration art-giraffe first. It was an interesting course in the class which guided our team to learn some what we could get the work done by effective leadership style.

It was a fancy class to build up a modern decoration art-Giraffe in limited time. The class course named Team Build which asked us to answer 16 different questions of the tasks, including the mathematics, logistic, literature, poetry, history, and common sense. Our teammates come from different country with different background and knowledge solving the tasks with our team work ability. In the limited time to solve the difficult and complex tasks which made us feel tense and frustrate at that moment. In order to get the answers from these tasks, we cooperated to get the answers done quickly. I found we pushed us to solve the tasks using our different knowledge and background to distinguish the right answer from the tough tasks. Finally, our teammates with sense of confidence and inspirational communication accomplished the tasks and obtained all 16 letters form 16 tasks which were arranged to give an important message. We got the message that indicated us to create the imagination of making a tall giraffe using pieces of used newspapers.

The target was making a tall giraffe and we started thinking of a tall giraffe which should be decorated with used newspapers in an hour limited time. However, the time management had become the most major item to start making a tall giraffe which was asked to be build the taller giraffe we could make and the higher scores we would get. Here we could feel who would figure the shape of giraffe in our team work. The vision, image-building, role modeling, innovation and developement were coming out of our mind to discuss with each other. The best idea from the one in our team who will be the leader led us to complete the tall giraffe. We also shared our different opinions in order to make the successful tallest giraffe in the class together. Actually, our leader was still the guide who led us using our potential ability of leadership style in cooperatively. The active, slim, motivated, structural skill and the tallest giraffe was coming out from a team build in the class and we got the highest score as the tallest giraffe we made.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the good score at the tasks part because we found we didn't manage the timing of searching the right answer quickly. We lost the tempo of  solving problems at the first time. That was why we could not to score maximum points as we did the decoration art-giraffe. Luckily, we still gained what a successful leader we should be and the leadership style should cover all of the experiences we learn from the Team Build course of making a tall giraffe.

An artist leader who has a sensitive vision in highly visible to get the job done communicates his information in an inspirational behavior helping people for their contributions and performance in good way to identify the leadership style.

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