October 18, 2008

Social Party

Subject: Social Birthday party on campus at Warwick in Conventry

Place: Billy's apartment where is a nice place for holding a party

Billy(leader-shareholder): He comes from Taiwan. We have met each other for more than three month.   He is 24 years old and I am 42 years old. What amazing unmber it is between to us. I love this boy because he is brilliant, attractive and talent. He is not only good at studying but also plays guitar, sings songs, speaks English and Japanese and covers me in everything which means I need him to give me a help. We are in different generation but we don't have the generation gap between us.

Natusru(customer): He is our new friend and 21 years old. He is a Japanese but his nationality is the Netherlands( Dutch ). He is a fresher of postgraduate and needs to get acquaint with new friends of Japanese who he speaks in Japanese and English fluently.

A group of Japanese girls(customers): Saori, Kazue, Satomi, and Junna are Billy's good friends. One of them is having a Birthday party. They want to invite their best friend to join Birthday party at Billy's place. They are also my good girls and almost in 20 years old around. They are from Japan being an exchange undergraduate in this year. We have a good relationship. They call me an Uncle. They love to enjoy having my Taiwanese cuisines and Taiwanese sense of humor. They respect me to be their elder member of a family.

Other friends in Birthday party(customers): They are from Tailand, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Background: I heart one of the Japanese girl told to me that they have wanted to have a Birthday party at Billy's place when we met in the library. She knows that I am Billy's closely kindness uncle. If I support her idea about the place for Birthday party, Billy will listen to me that he would be generous to invite them to his place having a lot of fun in the party.(She is very clever!)

Case Study: I want Billy to be the host(leader-shareholder) in charge of this party and introduce his new friend-Natusru to his Japanese girl friends because Natusru has never had Japanese girl friends in the past years. The object that I wish Billy could make a good friend with Natusru and also let him feel he is not alone getting the chance to meet new Japanese girl friends and other friends on campus, actually he didn't have any Japanese friends around him before he was in Dutch. Especially, in his age. Holpfully he could make new Japanese friends on campus connecting with good relationship with them and Billy. The key point is that I wish Billy starts to know Natusru each other who comes from Dutch where is a nice country living with an international good friend, Natusru, who might be the best friendship and good for Billy's career in the future. On the other hand, a boy who can speak Japanese and English fluently. I think that is the best and easy way for Billy to involve in Japanese culture and groups. That's why I want Billy to hold this party for themselves creating a situation-"Win,Win,Win" in 3 wins. Now what will Billy plan to hold this Birthday party successfully?

Billy got his idea of the party coming out his mind and asked about these questions below:

1)That is Japanese girl's Birthday party. They even havn't known Natusru first and how could let him to join the Japanese girl's Birthday party. Is it impolite to the girl's Birthday party,right?

2)Japanese girls might not like Natusru. It might be odd to introduce Natusru to those girls and might be bad to Natusru. How come? I don't want to break my friendship between them because of a stranger Natusru.

I answered Billy's questions in my opinions following behind:

Have you thought of that we have spent more than 200 pounds in Birthday party with them once. We had drunk a lot of Champagne, Red wine, and Beer. We had ordered 12 luxurious delicious meals from Chinese restaurant. We had played the guitar and sung love songs to them. We had played the magician show to them for fun. We had dressed in nice dressing to join the party. We had prepared a bunch of flowers to be the gifts to them. What's new to them at this party now? Could you tell me...? Do you have something special gift to them...? It's a drinking party with best wishes in Birthday card and gifts again that I know....that's it?? Nothing further..??

Natusru can speak in Japanese and English fluently who will be the Japanese girl's idol. The girls would love leaning English with Japanese from him. What a lovely chance to the girls it is. Natusru's personal character will be easy to get along with them. (You don't have to worry about it.) He will be the surprise in their Birthday party and they will be happy to know Natusru. Also Natusru is very exciting about dating with Japanese girls and making a good friend with them. If you make it comes true to Natusru, how he will appreciate to your kindness to him. He won't forget how you are very generous and gentle sharing good friendship with him in this Birthday party. He will meet a lot of friends here. He will be the powerful guy and succeed in dealing with human relationship to them. (Trust me....He is a good boy...!! How do I know him? My inspiration tells me....that's true.) You will be his hero on his mind forever from now on. You will get the benefit of dating with Japanese girl friends better than before. Isn't it what you want? I know you also like Japanese girls very much.

On the other hand, How can you introduce Natusru to Japnaese girl without any uncomfortable feeling? You could say that he is uncle's good friend. Uncle would always love to get and share nice and funny thing with them. ( That's what they think of uncle and trust uncle that the benefits coming from uncle to them.) It would be a wonderful gift to celebrate Happy Birthday to them. Now, it's your turn to arrange a great party for your friends.

Billy did a great job(leadership):

He started to send a message to the representative of Japanese girls actively in the earlier time. He sincerely invited them to hold the Birthday party at his place when he heart uncle talked to him in this news of Birthday party. (How does the girls think of Billy?) He got a message with happy mood of having a Birthday party from girls. No sooner, We got an invitation from Japanese girls in our facebook group. They are very exciting and expecting about the Birthday party holding at Billy's apartment tonight. (Everything about the Birthday party is under control by Billy, the leader.) They will surprise at meeting a new friend-Natusru, the special and unique Japanese boy from Dutch, who is looking forward to making a good friend with Japanese girls. We will prepared the gift with best wishes for the girl's Birthday tonight. I truly believe it will be a successful and joyful party which they have never been before. Billy said to me yesterday morning that he felt I have guided him to success in holding a wonderful and different Birthday party. I am sure that he will do a good job. He is now different than I knew him three months ago. He is more self-confidence than I knew him before. He challenges himself to show his leadership style. That is what I want Billy to get "win-win-win" in 3 wins. Good boy....My lovely boy, Billy.


Girls invited me to come and join their happy Birthday party tonight. I will plan not to join the party with them. You might not know what a 42 years old guy hanging around with his next young generation looks like. But I know.....it very much. They'll have common language chatting with each other....I couldn't be the part of them actually, but I am delighted to have those lovely girls and boys caring about me. That's why I am so happy to live on campus without lonely. I wish they are having wounderful time at their age and enjoy their life on campus. They make me miss my sons, Jonney(14), Vincent(13) and Wayne(11). How I wish my sons could be the one like these International students who are so awesome, brilliant and excellent.


Happy Birthday to my good girl....Junna. Happy Birthday to you in 21 years old!

Happy Birthday.....Junna. Uncle gives my best wishes to you. Happy Birthday!!

October 17, 2008


I came to the University of Warwick for my Msc degree studying started from July in pre-sessional English course. Learning is my job on campus which makes me so exciting in learning everything in new but useful. It's so nice to join Warwick Speakers society club. There was a induction meeting helding at 7:15 pm last night. I find that it not only helps me to improve my English and my speech ability but also shares the wisdom words with me from these speeches.

It was fantastic speeching demonstration Meeting invited the speakers following the time role and presenting their topics in brief introduction, good voice, posture, and body language, most of all, linking and adding some jokes to the speech with good pronunciation. One of the speakers who he is talking about "Leadership". I was shocked about his speech because he is only half of my age, 21 years old, talking about "Leadership" with his personal performance style. How can he make his outstanding speech about "Leadership"? I was very impressed by his speech. I took a note from his speech. He made a conclusion of "Leadership" in these words below:

"The only way to keep the good will & high esteem of the people you work with is to deserve it. No one can fool all of the people all of the time. Each of us, eventually recognize for exactly what we are, not what we try to appear to be. The position doesn't make the leader, the leader makes the position.", Gaston Chee said.

The boy, Gaston, also addressed the difference between "Leadership" and "Management". It is hard to forget he talked that management which means to manage from A to B, one kind of process, but leadership could change that part. What a wonderful evening to me! I will learn something new from him. I feel quite so young with him, the undergraduate from WBS-B. Eng Engineering with Business Management. He is excellent in speech. I am so lucky having a new friend with him.

October 10, 2008

I won't forget at this moment

We started learning the module of CBE(Creating Business Excellence) in this week. Our course leader assigned us 6 projects to work using our forums and personal blogs to present the learning ideas by ourselves. We are divided into 4 teams doing the same projects and presentations. My teammates have worked so hard on projects that I found they are brilliant and awesome during the working hours on these projects. They are motivated, reflective, and passionate on studying the assigned projects. I really admire our teammates who are seriously working so hard spending the time in Learning Grid.

Here comes the problem to me on studying our projects which are the problems of me in lacking of academic English ability. Obviously, I couldn't chase the pace after my teammates as well as they have done. I felt deeply worried and anxious about my studying and learning in CBE module at this moment. I remembered that our tutor shared with his words to us in facing the fear. Paul, our tutor said, "You are going to be successful. You can't run away of it. You have to talk to group of your people. You will be thinking about your assignments. You are taking away on your module......and Someone will be the leader who takes time out to work and organizes the plan." Our teammates did a good job searching library databases and developing their ideas appropriately to support their views. Suddenly, I felt that I have always leaned on their ideas and analyses all the time. I was totally out of the teamwork at all. I was so embarrassed about my contribution to these projects. I thought that I was very sorry to my teammates because of my poor of academic English ability.

I started to think of quitting our team and studying alone in this module work. I was absent from the forums meeting in Learning Grid yesterday morning. I made a stupid decision to write a note sent it to our teammates. No sooner had it arrived on our forums than it was discussed with our teammates immediately. Allan replied to me with teammate's concern about me. They invited me to get back to join with our team working together. No matter how hard the job will be to me, my teammates would love taking good care of me. Suddenly, I teared for their deeply love to me at that moment and I am the lucky guy having deeply love from my lovely teammates, Allan, Amanda, Crystal, Mannu, Mariana, and Wii.....Finally, I faced my fear that was not the real problem to learn our projects. Such as Paul said to me, "Please go and enjoy the company of our colleagues."

How could I make a nonsense with my colleagues? I apologize to my colleagues about my rudeness. And I appreciate that you give me the help on my studying. Thank you all of you. My dear friends. Today is the Birthday of Taiwan and I also renew my mood to welcome my studying approach. Happy Birthday to Taiwan!! And Happy Birthday to Taiwanese & Shu-Hao...!! Keep going on....!! Don't let you down..!!

October 05, 2008

An Artist Leader vs. Leadership style

A modern decoration art which was 300 centimeter high standing in the class seemed like a giraffe created by a team of postgratuates of MBE at WMG. These postgratuates became the artists creating an decoration art in an hour time and the process was full of vision, confidence, image-building, role-modeling, inspirational communication, time management, innovation, and development which were the elements of leadership style. No wonder we started being the artist first and getting to know how we would learn the leadership style. Absolutely, we were learning of being the leader finally and making the decoration art-giraffe first. It was an interesting course in the class which guided our team to learn some what we could get the work done by effective leadership style.

It was a fancy class to build up a modern decoration art-Giraffe in limited time. The class course named Team Build which asked us to answer 16 different questions of the tasks, including the mathematics, logistic, literature, poetry, history, and common sense. Our teammates come from different country with different background and knowledge solving the tasks with our team work ability. In the limited time to solve the difficult and complex tasks which made us feel tense and frustrate at that moment. In order to get the answers from these tasks, we cooperated to get the answers done quickly. I found we pushed us to solve the tasks using our different knowledge and background to distinguish the right answer from the tough tasks. Finally, our teammates with sense of confidence and inspirational communication accomplished the tasks and obtained all 16 letters form 16 tasks which were arranged to give an important message. We got the message that indicated us to create the imagination of making a tall giraffe using pieces of used newspapers.

The target was making a tall giraffe and we started thinking of a tall giraffe which should be decorated with used newspapers in an hour limited time. However, the time management had become the most major item to start making a tall giraffe which was asked to be build the taller giraffe we could make and the higher scores we would get. Here we could feel who would figure the shape of giraffe in our team work. The vision, image-building, role modeling, innovation and developement were coming out of our mind to discuss with each other. The best idea from the one in our team who will be the leader led us to complete the tall giraffe. We also shared our different opinions in order to make the successful tallest giraffe in the class together. Actually, our leader was still the guide who led us using our potential ability of leadership style in cooperatively. The active, slim, motivated, structural skill and the tallest giraffe was coming out from a team build in the class and we got the highest score as the tallest giraffe we made.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the good score at the tasks part because we found we didn't manage the timing of searching the right answer quickly. We lost the tempo of  solving problems at the first time. That was why we could not to score maximum points as we did the decoration art-giraffe. Luckily, we still gained what a successful leader we should be and the leadership style should cover all of the experiences we learn from the Team Build course of making a tall giraffe.

An artist leader who has a sensitive vision in highly visible to get the job done communicates his information in an inspirational behavior helping people for their contributions and performance in good way to identify the leadership style.

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