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April 29, 2010


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First of all, I would like to highlight the fact that Dan,that's Radio King Dan Hemsley, has, as of yet, not been persuaded to take part in May Beard. Please, rise up with me, and demand that as an ambassador for RAW and Shooting the Breeze, he should really be seen to be taking part in such activities. It will also probably help him not to become overwhelmingly attached to his beard, which he seems to be at the moment, which could lead to a disastrously long and unkempt beard. I would also like to note that Barnaby 'the beard' Garrod also seems as of yet unconvinced - despite being a serious contender in 2009 and one of the founders of May-Beard.

This is not a contest for the light-hearted. This is a battle to the end of a beard. The winner will win the huge respect of all of us here at Shooting the Breeze, and undoubtedly all of our listeners - but they will also win a prize, a special prize, which will cost over a tenner (!!) in accordance with last year, and will be personal to the winner.

This year, if the results are good enough, there may even be special prizes awarded for extent of effort, originality and style.

Please read the following, it is important information for all participants of May-Beard:


1.     You must be clean-shaven by the end of the first weekend of May 2010 (this weekend coming).

2.     It is your choice whether you shave on Saturday or Sunday, but you must shave (completely) over the weekend, even if you have shaved on Friday.

3.    There must be photographic evidence of this to put on the blog (if I have not seen you personally, then accompanied by proof of date to avoid any foul play)

4.      It would be helpful if you were ready to have your photograph taken once a week throughout the whole of May so that we can monitor progress

5.      You are absolutely NOT allowed to take any beard-enhancing drugs

6.      You are allowed to trim during the month, but please be aware that consistent trimming is likely to damage your chances – especially if you trim too much.

7.     You are NOT obliged to grow your moustache - but you are encouraged. However, the title will go to the biggest beard, not taking any moustache hair into account.

8.   The May-Beard winner will be decided on a photograph of each participant taken on the last day of May and will be announced on the next Shooting the Breeze show.

Thank you for your time and good luck.


Yours sincerely,

Jess Fitch


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