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June 23, 2010

Fin – It's never to early for a Best Of

Winning Website of the Week!

Two years on wasting time has never been so factual!


You have been tubed (one last time)

What has six legs and snaps on national television?

Outstanding Contribution to Facebook!
Ezgican Ozdemir: Mobile Uploads, probably the best black(pink)berry upload!
Pink Berried

The Television's choice

This is where Judd Apatow and his boys got started, some really really nice television, and like all quality shows it got taken off the air. Rumours (that we started) indicated the show may be coming back for a second season - keep your fingers crossed!


but while we're discussing TV you should be sure to check this out!


For your health!


We've done our level best to give a casual film pick over the last couple of years and this one takes the biscuit. If you haven't seen it you should've, if your friend's haven't seen it, get them on it: you'll need somebody to dissect it with. If you haven't seen it you can always watch it again.



We've been shooting the breeze over these guys for too long not to show them any recognit, the perfect album for every and any occasion. Take your safari to the moon:


May Beard!

The Winner of Shooting the Breeze's annual May Beard competition is Matthew Marshall:
May beard

I think it's safe to say that here at Shooting the Breeze - we back the beard!


(WILD JUSTICE, Born Into Trouble)
Monday 12:00, 21:00

(Shooting the Breeze, Lyzel’s E-Flat)
Thursday 14:00, 20:00

Friday 14:00

(Drum Roll Please)
Sunday 17:00

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