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October 06, 2008

first team meeting

Today is the first day of CBE study. Paul gave us an introduction of CBE and then an old video of BBC called "Deming Circle" followed by some discussions. We got 8 key points of the video and also we have so many to learn from this famous person. But till now, I only know quite a little of him and his Deming theory, so I don't want to give much comment on it. After the study of the whole module, I will talk more.

After the course, we have a team discussion of our 6 team projects, talking about the leader, the secretay, ourselves, and as well what kind of things we should prepare before the next meeting. As we have 6 projects and 7 members, almost each of us can have a chance to be a leader. However, different from the power-leader in real society, most of us think that the leader of our team is more like an organizer. He/She has to organize the time, to organize each of us to choose a favorite part and to organize some of us to put them together and also organize us to vote for someone to give a presentation stand for the whole team. Maybe this kind of leader has less power, but it must be a good practice of finding others' advantages and making the best use of what you already have and get the best outcome, which, in my opinion, is also an essential part of being a leader.

We also knew each other more this afternoon. I am under a lot of pressure because all my team members are good at English. Three of them have been abroad for 6 to 12 years. Besides, Lila has an English-speaking mother so she take English maybe as the second mother language. The same situation to Gilbert, for he was grown in HongKong, where I think English is an official language. Toon just came to the UK for less than two months, the same with me, but she has three years' working experience in some famous multinational companies such as IBM, so she also does well in English. I  really have too much to be improved and undoubtly, with those guys, I can learn quite a lot.

Well, during the self-introduction part, Louis asked me why I was so good at maths. As Apollo said that most Chinese students do well in maths. Besides, I'm just quite sensitive to the numbers and such sort of maths things, and I had won the first prize of China's national mathematics competition in middle school. Each of us has our own advantages like you are so good at English writing, and I think maybe the maths and logistic things are my advantages. So don't be surprise if next time I work out things faster than you. We just know our self-value and make it used to our team, we will be a great union, right?

October 05, 2008

team build

It's quite a late blog~

Last Friday, during the introduction week, we had a course called "team build". Unlike other departments of WMG, our course got quite a early and wonderful start. We got to know each other and have our temporary team in the first week.

This team build course definitely gave me a shoot. Quite different study style from China's personal learning, we focus more on teamwork and interactivity. We work together to get through the puzzles; we work together to find solutions; and we work together to make one thing that represent all of us. When saw the "big feet" giraffe standing stable, I felt excited; when knew our team got the highest score of the competition, I felt excited; When took photo with my team-mates and our giraffe, I felt excited. Meanwhile, a fantastic thought came to my mind:" I will have an amazing time with all the guys during the coming year. We will be not only classmates, but also partners, and life-long friends."

Tomorrow is a formal start of my postgraduate life. Though it will be busy and sort of tough, I'm looking forward to it. Be more passion and do my best, I do sure I will have a wonderful life in MBE.

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