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October 13, 2008

differet learning styles

One week's CBE study had ended. I learned a lot during this week. But each time I wanted to write something, I found it quite hard to express myself~

During my last about 18 years of study life, I had never had a class like this. In China, teacher is someone who mostly be the representative of truth and authority. In China, we never call a teacher only by his/her name, instead we should call "teacher+family name". If a teacher is called only by the last name, he must be thought of unrespected and it's definitely run counter to the traditional culture of China.

In China, as our teachers are always be highly respected, and also as we got the biggest population in the world, we seldom have opportunity to talk in the class. We learn what the teacher  told in the class. We seldom or even never have group discussion in school. Teacher is definitely the only leader of the whole class. What we should do is just sitting down and making notes of what the teacher says. However, don't talk in the class doesn't mean we cannot express our ideas or we cannot voice when the teacher make a mistake. KongZi, who was the founder of China's culture, had encouraged people to ask questions. So, if we have something don't understand or have some ideas, we can talk to teachers after class. And now, after years of learning habit, when we come to a foreign country to further the study, we can easily find that in class, most Chinese students prefer not to talk in public. They just sit there, listen, and make notes. And this kind of state always be considered by westerners as "no thinking, no learning, and no passion in discussion". What a misunderstanding!

Hpwever, now, I'm studying in the class which require quite a high ability of presentation and leading and such sort of things. Although in China, I had been the monitor for several years and I got many opportunities to practise my personal abilities, I also find that it's quite hard  for me to fit for this new studying style in a short time. However, I'm trying: trying to think like a westerner; trying to speak and express as others do; and trying to be someone who absolutely be part of the UK's culture and life.

I  really got too much to do. Life is not easy. However, I have hope in mind, which can give me more power and motion. Memorize the expectation eyes of my family and friends, I will be so delighted and will strive for a bigger progress~~~

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