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December 05, 2008

CSR presentation & Leadership exercise

This week for me is meaningful.

Tuesday, I had my coaching practice with our tutor.

Thursday, My first formal presentation in MBE.

Today, My first actual leader practice in MBE.

For our CSR presentation, we made quite a lot effort to it. We spent at least three afternoon together to discuss that topic, for at first it made us feel quite confused. And it was the first formal presentation for me in MBE class. I felt a little nervous, not because of talking in public, but because I'm worried if I forgot certain English words. I had came here for almost 4 months, and sometimes I still feel hard to find a proper English word to express myself. I really lack of vocabulary...I have to work hard on it!!!

Talk back to the CSR. Each of us has some initial ideas about CSR. But after this project, after so much researshes we did, I think I get a more clear clue, especially on the measure part. Also learned a lot from other group's presentation, they gave us a lot of examples of famous company about their best practices.

Today's exercise, I voluntary to be a leader. When I had my undergraduate in China, I was the leader of the whole class, about 60 people. But since I came here, I never be a leader, because I always worried about my English. So today's exercise was a milestone for me. And from the feedback, I knew what I'm lack of and knew what to do next time. I'll learn to delegate and trust my teammates. And also, make plans and give the plan clearly to the team members. Although we got 1800 points, we still have too much to improve.

This week for me is amazing, though I was so tired. And I really want to thank Paul and my colleagues. The short presentation of leadership, the presentation of CSR, and the leader of the exercise, you always encourage me and told me that I did well. I really appreciate for that, and I will take more challenge in the future time, and hope we all will be stronger after we finished the time in MBE.

October 07, 2008

some ideas of leadership~after reading Kang's blog

After reading Kang's blog and some comments on it, I can definitely feel his uncomfortable of our debates in the afternoon.

First, I don't think it's some kind of confrontation. As we are in the same team, as we all the team members, we all have the right to present what we think. If we just follow what some member said, whether we agree or not, it must be a worse team. So, any comment we made, not just aim to any specific member, and it must be something we think good for the whole team and can lead a better outcome.

As other colleagues said, each person has his/her own understand of leadership. Even in the same country, different leaders of different company have their own style, how about people from different parts of the world? If all the leaders follow the same style, all the companies will be some kind of the same, how can they get their own advantages in competition?

Besides, what kind of leadership is better must depends on the situation of the team. As we all just know each other, as we not in the situation of the real leader and his follows, we cannot just give someone a power and let others absolutely follow him. If in one project, someone be the leader, and as you said, he decides almost everything and assigns each of his member to certain things he wants them to, without listening what his members' personal opinion on the project, it must not be a team work, and it just be a personal work done by a team. Even though he collects all the opinions, but the right of decision is on his hand, so he also can let the things go as he wish, it's also an individual work.

See what our situation is? We just have some projects related to the knowledge of CBE. Why I emphasize the word "knowledge"? It's not something related to the real world. It's just something previous people had done and we just have to learn to study and to have maybe our own comprehension. I really don't think such knowledge learning things will lead to some kinds of hard-decision making and we will debate till the mid-night. And I also do believe that more people making decision together will lead to a better outcome, especially in the logistic and structure parts of the project.

You prepared more for today's meeting. It's undoubtly. And I do believe all of us feel happy to work with you. But I want us to come to the memory of the start of our meeting. From the very beginning, you took yourself as a leader. I'm not saying there is any inappropriate. Each team need a leader and you organized us at the beginning. It's perfect! But if at the first start, we are not like relationship of seven team members, we more like one leader and six members, then once any of us had different opinions with you, you would think it as some kind of defiant and that incredible lead to your uncomfortable. Let's imagine another situation. If today we voted Mei as the leader of first project, and she expressed her opinion of leadership to all of us. Obviously it goes the opposite way as yours. Would you express or keep silent?? If you express, do you think yourself did something aim to her? Or you just think you want our team to be more powerful? Besides, if those who have different opinions with one project leader must be the bad partner and those who agree with him/her or don't express themselves must be the good partner. Yes, this is a good organization with clear rates, but it won't be a good team.

Maybe this blog is kind of tough, please don't mind. I really want to say that we are in the same team, whatever I and other members voice in our discussion, it comes from a good intention. We just want to find the most suitable style of team work to let us have the best result. We do hope to have a wonderful time together.

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