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December 05, 2008

CSR presentation & Leadership exercise

This week for me is meaningful.

Tuesday, I had my coaching practice with our tutor.

Thursday, My first formal presentation in MBE.

Today, My first actual leader practice in MBE.

For our CSR presentation, we made quite a lot effort to it. We spent at least three afternoon together to discuss that topic, for at first it made us feel quite confused. And it was the first formal presentation for me in MBE class. I felt a little nervous, not because of talking in public, but because I'm worried if I forgot certain English words. I had came here for almost 4 months, and sometimes I still feel hard to find a proper English word to express myself. I really lack of vocabulary...I have to work hard on it!!!

Talk back to the CSR. Each of us has some initial ideas about CSR. But after this project, after so much researshes we did, I think I get a more clear clue, especially on the measure part. Also learned a lot from other group's presentation, they gave us a lot of examples of famous company about their best practices.

Today's exercise, I voluntary to be a leader. When I had my undergraduate in China, I was the leader of the whole class, about 60 people. But since I came here, I never be a leader, because I always worried about my English. So today's exercise was a milestone for me. And from the feedback, I knew what I'm lack of and knew what to do next time. I'll learn to delegate and trust my teammates. And also, make plans and give the plan clearly to the team members. Although we got 1800 points, we still have too much to improve.

This week for me is amazing, though I was so tired. And I really want to thank Paul and my colleagues. The short presentation of leadership, the presentation of CSR, and the leader of the exercise, you always encourage me and told me that I did well. I really appreciate for that, and I will take more challenge in the future time, and hope we all will be stronger after we finished the time in MBE.

December 03, 2008

Coaching exercise

Yesterday afternoon, coaching exercise.

I was lucky enough to coach Graeme, our tutor. Frankly speaking, I was so nervous at first, because I almost know nothing about him, and I also have no idea what he want me to achieve. If I do something on the wrong way, what will happen?

I'm the coacher, and he is the coachee.

First he said he has problems on planning. So much things to do but so little time, and it made him feel stressed. And I, directly gave him the advice to make a list and talk to him how to use this list can get the best benefit. He feels unhappy with my advice, and said he didn't like to make a list, balabala....Then, I realized that I was doing the wrong thing.

The second round of coaching. He got a problem in teamwork. He felt himself didn't be involved in a team, he seldom gave his opinions because so much other things boring him and he didn't have mood to do so. This time, I tried another way. I asked him about his own feelings in heart, asked him what he wanted himself to be and wanted others to treat him. Let him to think the reason of the problem. I also gave him some suggestions, but not in a direct way like you should do balabala. Instead I said' have you think about try to change your attitude?' I became a listener and guided him to find a solution by himself. This conversation was so happy, and I finally be a certificated coacher.

Compared with my classmates who are coaching someone they familiar with, I think it was a bigger challenge for me. I definitely experienced a real coaching exercise yesterday, so I said I was lucky, eventhrough at first I felt a little nervous.

Several points got from the exercise:

Be a good listener.

Build a safe talking environment, so the coachee can tell you the real throught of his heart.

Focus on the problem instead of directly go to the results and suggestions.

Try to let the coachee find the solutions by themselves, not just tell them what should do and what should not do.

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