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October 24, 2008

Win an iPod nano

Tonight, I went to the presentation of "Capital One", and I WAN an iPod 8GB nano. How unbelievable!

I'm a girl almost never ask any question in public~maybe it's related to China's traditional education method~or maybe it's just I myself who don't like ask questions in public~ But today, the chairman said the one who ask the best question can get an iPod as a prize! How fantastic! My mp3 has already be 4 years old, and it's really a great time to change it~ After this thought, I began to prepare my question~~~

Frankly speaking, it's really hard for me to ask questions. I always afraid if the question is not good enough or even is stupid, I will lose my face, though I know others don't think it like this. Especially, if I asked in English, and if my English is not good enough and once I came into some problem, what should I do??? However, today, when such a big PRIZE in front of me, I told myself: it's worth trying! And unfortunately, once I got this thought, my face began to turn red and my heart began to beat faster....I really cannot find a proper word to express myself!

During the presentation and the question time, I came out 3 questions which I think maybe some kind of value. One is about the balance between being an investor and being the company which be invested. The second is about the price of stock within the banks and the whole market, and some comments on the whole trend (because they gave us a graph of the stock price). And the last one is about its future development in Asia countries, including the strategy and other sort of things.



Finally, I rose my hand. And I choose the last question to ask. And things absolutely went very well, though I could definitely feel that my face turned red and red~~~A deep breath~~~and after all the questions, the chairman said the Asia question is the most interesting one~~~And lucky Ally, got her first iPod nano~~~

I was so excited, not only because of the prize, but the more important: I finally surpass myself! I can ask questions in public, I can ask questions in English in public, and I can ask valuable questions in English in public!

It's really a good start! And today is really such a special day that can be added to my life-memory. I will remember today, together with the state of mind, and give myself a new challenge!

October 13, 2008

differet learning styles

One week's CBE study had ended. I learned a lot during this week. But each time I wanted to write something, I found it quite hard to express myself~

During my last about 18 years of study life, I had never had a class like this. In China, teacher is someone who mostly be the representative of truth and authority. In China, we never call a teacher only by his/her name, instead we should call "teacher+family name". If a teacher is called only by the last name, he must be thought of unrespected and it's definitely run counter to the traditional culture of China.

In China, as our teachers are always be highly respected, and also as we got the biggest population in the world, we seldom have opportunity to talk in the class. We learn what the teacher  told in the class. We seldom or even never have group discussion in school. Teacher is definitely the only leader of the whole class. What we should do is just sitting down and making notes of what the teacher says. However, don't talk in the class doesn't mean we cannot express our ideas or we cannot voice when the teacher make a mistake. KongZi, who was the founder of China's culture, had encouraged people to ask questions. So, if we have something don't understand or have some ideas, we can talk to teachers after class. And now, after years of learning habit, when we come to a foreign country to further the study, we can easily find that in class, most Chinese students prefer not to talk in public. They just sit there, listen, and make notes. And this kind of state always be considered by westerners as "no thinking, no learning, and no passion in discussion". What a misunderstanding!

Hpwever, now, I'm studying in the class which require quite a high ability of presentation and leading and such sort of things. Although in China, I had been the monitor for several years and I got many opportunities to practise my personal abilities, I also find that it's quite hard  for me to fit for this new studying style in a short time. However, I'm trying: trying to think like a westerner; trying to speak and express as others do; and trying to be someone who absolutely be part of the UK's culture and life.

I  really got too much to do. Life is not easy. However, I have hope in mind, which can give me more power and motion. Memorize the expectation eyes of my family and friends, I will be so delighted and will strive for a bigger progress~~~

October 07, 2008

some ideas of leadership~after reading Kang's blog

After reading Kang's blog and some comments on it, I can definitely feel his uncomfortable of our debates in the afternoon.

First, I don't think it's some kind of confrontation. As we are in the same team, as we all the team members, we all have the right to present what we think. If we just follow what some member said, whether we agree or not, it must be a worse team. So, any comment we made, not just aim to any specific member, and it must be something we think good for the whole team and can lead a better outcome.

As other colleagues said, each person has his/her own understand of leadership. Even in the same country, different leaders of different company have their own style, how about people from different parts of the world? If all the leaders follow the same style, all the companies will be some kind of the same, how can they get their own advantages in competition?

Besides, what kind of leadership is better must depends on the situation of the team. As we all just know each other, as we not in the situation of the real leader and his follows, we cannot just give someone a power and let others absolutely follow him. If in one project, someone be the leader, and as you said, he decides almost everything and assigns each of his member to certain things he wants them to, without listening what his members' personal opinion on the project, it must not be a team work, and it just be a personal work done by a team. Even though he collects all the opinions, but the right of decision is on his hand, so he also can let the things go as he wish, it's also an individual work.

See what our situation is? We just have some projects related to the knowledge of CBE. Why I emphasize the word "knowledge"? It's not something related to the real world. It's just something previous people had done and we just have to learn to study and to have maybe our own comprehension. I really don't think such knowledge learning things will lead to some kinds of hard-decision making and we will debate till the mid-night. And I also do believe that more people making decision together will lead to a better outcome, especially in the logistic and structure parts of the project.

You prepared more for today's meeting. It's undoubtly. And I do believe all of us feel happy to work with you. But I want us to come to the memory of the start of our meeting. From the very beginning, you took yourself as a leader. I'm not saying there is any inappropriate. Each team need a leader and you organized us at the beginning. It's perfect! But if at the first start, we are not like relationship of seven team members, we more like one leader and six members, then once any of us had different opinions with you, you would think it as some kind of defiant and that incredible lead to your uncomfortable. Let's imagine another situation. If today we voted Mei as the leader of first project, and she expressed her opinion of leadership to all of us. Obviously it goes the opposite way as yours. Would you express or keep silent?? If you express, do you think yourself did something aim to her? Or you just think you want our team to be more powerful? Besides, if those who have different opinions with one project leader must be the bad partner and those who agree with him/her or don't express themselves must be the good partner. Yes, this is a good organization with clear rates, but it won't be a good team.

Maybe this blog is kind of tough, please don't mind. I really want to say that we are in the same team, whatever I and other members voice in our discussion, it comes from a good intention. We just want to find the most suitable style of team work to let us have the best result. We do hope to have a wonderful time together.

October 06, 2008

first team meeting

Today is the first day of CBE study. Paul gave us an introduction of CBE and then an old video of BBC called "Deming Circle" followed by some discussions. We got 8 key points of the video and also we have so many to learn from this famous person. But till now, I only know quite a little of him and his Deming theory, so I don't want to give much comment on it. After the study of the whole module, I will talk more.

After the course, we have a team discussion of our 6 team projects, talking about the leader, the secretay, ourselves, and as well what kind of things we should prepare before the next meeting. As we have 6 projects and 7 members, almost each of us can have a chance to be a leader. However, different from the power-leader in real society, most of us think that the leader of our team is more like an organizer. He/She has to organize the time, to organize each of us to choose a favorite part and to organize some of us to put them together and also organize us to vote for someone to give a presentation stand for the whole team. Maybe this kind of leader has less power, but it must be a good practice of finding others' advantages and making the best use of what you already have and get the best outcome, which, in my opinion, is also an essential part of being a leader.

We also knew each other more this afternoon. I am under a lot of pressure because all my team members are good at English. Three of them have been abroad for 6 to 12 years. Besides, Lila has an English-speaking mother so she take English maybe as the second mother language. The same situation to Gilbert, for he was grown in HongKong, where I think English is an official language. Toon just came to the UK for less than two months, the same with me, but she has three years' working experience in some famous multinational companies such as IBM, so she also does well in English. I  really have too much to be improved and undoubtly, with those guys, I can learn quite a lot.

Well, during the self-introduction part, Louis asked me why I was so good at maths. As Apollo said that most Chinese students do well in maths. Besides, I'm just quite sensitive to the numbers and such sort of maths things, and I had won the first prize of China's national mathematics competition in middle school. Each of us has our own advantages like you are so good at English writing, and I think maybe the maths and logistic things are my advantages. So don't be surprise if next time I work out things faster than you. We just know our self-value and make it used to our team, we will be a great union, right?

October 05, 2008

team build

It's quite a late blog~

Last Friday, during the introduction week, we had a course called "team build". Unlike other departments of WMG, our course got quite a early and wonderful start. We got to know each other and have our temporary team in the first week.

This team build course definitely gave me a shoot. Quite different study style from China's personal learning, we focus more on teamwork and interactivity. We work together to get through the puzzles; we work together to find solutions; and we work together to make one thing that represent all of us. When saw the "big feet" giraffe standing stable, I felt excited; when knew our team got the highest score of the competition, I felt excited; When took photo with my team-mates and our giraffe, I felt excited. Meanwhile, a fantastic thought came to my mind:" I will have an amazing time with all the guys during the coming year. We will be not only classmates, but also partners, and life-long friends."

Tomorrow is a formal start of my postgraduate life. Though it will be busy and sort of tough, I'm looking forward to it. Be more passion and do my best, I do sure I will have a wonderful life in MBE.

October 02, 2008

first blog of my warwick life and study~

It's lunch time~

I don't have time to back home, have lunch, and come to school to continue my classes. So, I just brought some fruit and biscuits with me, and found a seat in the computer room, cut this more than one hour time.

This is my new blog, my warwick blog. Frankly speaking, I'm not used to the the English systems, and also not used to using English to do everything, especially to write daily affairs. Living and studying abroad is not a easy thing. But once choosing, do the best~This new blog will be a new start, I'll try to express everything in English, this foreign but beautiful language.

I've already got my schedule of the whole year~quite BUSY~However, it won't be a bad thing. What I have to do is to well arrange my time and enjoy my one-year life in Warwick. Have a knowledge of not only the major, but also the culture and life of the UK. All of those will be my own treasure.

Weather still terrible these days~Hope myself a good mood~

Such as the beginning~~

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