October 24, 2008

Win an iPod nano

Tonight, I went to the presentation of "Capital One", and I WAN an iPod 8GB nano. How unbelievable!

I'm a girl almost never ask any question in public~maybe it's related to China's traditional education method~or maybe it's just I myself who don't like ask questions in public~ But today, the chairman said the one who ask the best question can get an iPod as a prize! How fantastic! My mp3 has already be 4 years old, and it's really a great time to change it~ After this thought, I began to prepare my question~~~

Frankly speaking, it's really hard for me to ask questions. I always afraid if the question is not good enough or even is stupid, I will lose my face, though I know others don't think it like this. Especially, if I asked in English, and if my English is not good enough and once I came into some problem, what should I do??? However, today, when such a big PRIZE in front of me, I told myself: it's worth trying! And unfortunately, once I got this thought, my face began to turn red and my heart began to beat faster....I really cannot find a proper word to express myself!

During the presentation and the question time, I came out 3 questions which I think maybe some kind of value. One is about the balance between being an investor and being the company which be invested. The second is about the price of stock within the banks and the whole market, and some comments on the whole trend (because they gave us a graph of the stock price). And the last one is about its future development in Asia countries, including the strategy and other sort of things.



Finally, I rose my hand. And I choose the last question to ask. And things absolutely went very well, though I could definitely feel that my face turned red and red~~~A deep breath~~~and after all the questions, the chairman said the Asia question is the most interesting one~~~And lucky Ally, got her first iPod nano~~~

I was so excited, not only because of the prize, but the more important: I finally surpass myself! I can ask questions in public, I can ask questions in English in public, and I can ask valuable questions in English in public!

It's really a good start! And today is really such a special day that can be added to my life-memory. I will remember today, together with the state of mind, and give myself a new challenge!

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  1. wow this is amazing , not only abt wining the ipod, but overcoming your fear~ I feel very happy for you =)

    24 Oct 2008, 06:03

  2. Sue

    Yes’ well done on asking the best question and winnibg an Ipod. I am always asking questions, i love people to tell me about things and most people seem to like explaining things so it’s a positive thing to do all round but it does get more difficult when it has to be done in public. I remember getting off to a bad start with my “public question asking” when I was at school. I was sewven years old and our teacher was away because she was ill so the headmaster took the class for the day. As often happens in this situation he decided to do things a bit differently than normal and ask us “quiz type” questions. One of them was “What is the only colour that you will never find a flower in?” Nobody knew, there was silence for ages and nobody put up there hand. I thought I knew and I thought, shall I put my hand up only to look a fool if I’m wrong. I contemplated it and agonised over it for what seemed like ages and suddenly thrust my hand up in the air and said “Black”. He said “No, it’s green”. Doh.

    24 Oct 2008, 06:53

  3. :))))))))))))))

    24 Oct 2008, 16:03

  4. Well Done Ally… I am so happy for you… and Jealous the same time… hahahah… very pretty iPod Nano, I like the colour.

    24 Oct 2008, 21:22

  5. Ally.. fantastic job! i still have no courage to ask any questions until this very day… n i m glad u challenged ur own fear!! . u go girl!! keep it up!

    25 Oct 2008, 18:35

  6. eww

    congratulationss!!!!!!!!! ally

    25 Oct 2008, 23:13

  7. Sue

    I’ve been thinking about what I said and several things have occurred to me. Firstly, I underplayed slightly what actually happened. It wasn’t just my class that was taken by the headmaster but the whole school were in the hall when he took the lesson. I can’t remember the reason for this and it was only a small school but I think there were about four classes so it was a big occassion and one when you didn’t really want to be caught out as looking slightly dim. I don’t know now why I put my neck on the line except that I found the long silence after the question interminable and a bit embarrassing. Also, in my defence, it was before the time when you saw black flowers in shops, today black tulips seem to be fairly widely available.

    I’m wondering what I would do if I won an Ipod and I think I would give it to someone who hasn’t got one as I have grown attached to mine. So I would be pleased beacuse it would make a nice gift. The reason I’m thinking along these lines is that recently I was stuck to know what to get two people as a present. We were on our way back from holiday and I hadn’t seen anything which was suitable to bring back for them. I don’t tend to give people holiday souvenirs but there are four people who I like to bring at least a little token gift for. I was relying on the airport shops but these turned out to be the worst I’d ever seen as all they sold was sweets and crisps. So I had to fall back on the duty free shop on the plane. One of the people I had in mind had recently mentioned that his watch had broken and I must have been feeling particularly generous as I decided to buy him a watch. That lead me to think that I’d have to buy the other one a watch too, you can’t do one without the other. So I bought them a watch each. We got back to find that the one with the broken watch had replaced it with another and the other one had one which was fairly new and which he liked better than the one I’d bought. The one who’d broken his other watch was grateful and said it was nice to have a spare and he was angry with the other one because as he said “You could at least feign gratefulness.” I, on the other hand, was glad that he was honest with me and felt able to tell me what he really thought about the present. As it turned out the watch that was given to the person who didn’t like it as much as the one he already had didn’t work! The hands don’t go round and the crown twizzles round even when it is pushed in. Of course the company I bought it from are only open 9-5, Monday to Friday, thus begins the long process of emails toing and froing. My preference is to get a refund in light of his feelings towards the watch but if that’s not possible I’ll have to be content with a replacement. I could probably sell it on Ebay.

    26 Oct 2008, 06:46

  8. Sue

    My partner has just bid me farewell on his way to work (Sunday is not always a day of leisure). On seeing the laptop on my lap he said “See you later, don’t get too obsessed.” I never used to get obsessed but now I realise what a great feeling it gives you. I love the fact that he doesn’t try to sweep it under the carpet but is able to be open about it with me. In terms of quality of relationships when you can be that open with each other you know that you’ve arrived.

    26 Oct 2008, 07:15

  9. Sue

    The good thing is that he’ll be back at three o’clock when we’re all going out for a late lunch. So I don’t have to cook today.

    26 Oct 2008, 08:19

  10. Sue

    I think most people look at their current state of affairs and they say “This is who I am.” That’s not who you are. That’s who you were. Let’s say for innstance that you don’t have enough money in your bank account, or you don’t have the relationship you want, or your health and fitness aren’t up to par. That’s not who you are, that’s the residual outcome of your past thoughts and actions. We’re constantly living in the residual of the thoughts and actions we’ve taken in the past. When you look at your current state of affairs and define yourself by that, then you doom yourself to have nothing more than the same in the future. As Buddha said:-

    “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

    26 Oct 2008, 08:25

  11. Sue

    I don’t really know why this incident has stayed with me for so long. I can’t remember any of the other questions asked by the headmaster. But I remember vividly being amongst this sea of little people and being the only one to put my hand up. I suppose I have always had a strange fascination for trivia and remember when I was roughly the same age watching Blue Peter at the beginning of a new year and the presenter holding up a sign with 1961 on it and saying if she turned it upside down (which she proceeded to do) it would read the same that way up too. She pointed out that this was a very rare occurence.

    26 Oct 2008, 09:25

  12. Ally you should feel so proud of yourself, there is nothing more important than facing and overcoming our fears….
    And to win an iPod…..WOW! And its pink….Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26 Oct 2008, 09:47

  13. Sue

    My Ipod’s black and I was only thinking today that since the time I left it out in the rain and I had to send it off to be repaired I’ve had absolutely no trouble with it and that must have been two years ago now. It was gone for nearly a month and I missed it terribly and Emailed the repair person several times to tell her how difficult I found life without it. My daughter has a pink one.

    When we were on holiday we met lots of interesting people and one man told us of a holiday in Spain he’d had earlier in the year, it was a “Yoga holiday”. He was about my age and was with his daughter (he and his wife had divorced a long time ago). On this holiday in Spain he’d met a lady who he got on very well with and when they got back to England they kept in touch by Email and things went from strength to strength – what he actually said was that things began to hot up a bit each time they saw each other until it became like a furnace at which point his daughter said “Please Dad, I’m glad you’re happy but spare me the details” (you could tell she loved it really). Anyway he missed her a lot and told us all about her, she sounded very nice and we were all pleased for him. He came over as a bit of a Jack the lad and I said to my friends “He’s not daft, that John, if you were a man and looking for romance, where would you go?” Yes’ exactly, a yoga holiday is bound to include lots of women, probably unattached and he did say that he was the only man there. He didn’t look like a yoga type at all. I was thinking that you could conclude that that was a good reason for choosing a certain course, for instance, if you chose physics you’d be amongst a lot of males. I only know two people personally who’ve recently chosen the path of physics as a career. When I mention two, I’m not including people I’ve met on here as I am aware that I don’t know them personally (although one is doing a PHD but he’s a male so he obviously didn’t choose to go into that sphere for the relationship opportunities it may hold). The other one would never have any idea further from her mind, in fact she would retch if I so much as mentioned it.

    The other interesting thing about the people on holiday with us was that there were very few “couples”. The strange thing is that more than half the people we were with had been divorced in the past and now had partners who they had left at home. Most of the people were fairly mature apart from the two offspring of two separate people who were with one parent (That’s the other thing I noticed – children of divorcees often get two holidays – one with each parent!) I said to my close friends “Obviously the thing to do is get divorced, find yourself another partner and then go away on an adventure by yourself! I’m guessing that these people may have had bad experiences of too much time spent with the same person in the past whereas I know I’m lucky in that respect and my partner and I enjoy each others company very much, although he is often away so, who knows, that may have had a positive effect on our relationship. I am intrigued by how well balanced these children of divorcees seem to be though although I guess they are the lucky ones and John certainly told us that he and his ex-wife had always got on very well and had a very amicable divorce. He spoke about her often and it seemed strange when he referred to her as “Emily’s Mum”.

    26 Oct 2008, 10:23

  14. Congratulations Ally!!! :)

    26 Oct 2008, 12:32

  15. Sue

    Over the years his mother and I have put our heads together on several occasions in an attempt to help things move forward but unfortunately nothing has come of it so far. There does seem to be some attraction on one or two levels but we’re not sure if this is merely to do with their joint interest in the sciences. Of course, it’s been well documented that physicists do often end up with other physicists so things may blossom but for the time being we just live in hope, their seems to be a certain amount of reticence on both their parts.

    When it comes to the initial choice of what subject to take I’m in no doubt as to why she chose the route that she did, there was no question of an ulterior motive, she had alove of the subject from an early age and her teachers were always piling their praises on her. They would describe the way that she soaked up facts like a sponge and had the ability to analyse them very quickly, exceptional was a word they used often when describing her but of all the accolades I’ve heard over the years the one I’m most proud of is when an English teacher said that although she was very bright she was never bumptious and she had a lively sense of the ridiculous. I loved that.

    26 Oct 2008, 13:19

  16. Sue

    One thing I will say is that my partner does yoga. He has often been the only man amongst women who has taken part in a yoga class. He doesn’t care what he looks like or what others think of him and he certainly isn’t in it to find love, of that I’m sure. Often when he’s been working away he’s told me that he’s gone along to classes and been the only male, he’s very agile and is not afraid to do female orientated sports because unlike a lot of men he’s got a small ego.

    When we were on holiday we had a yoga class taken by a guru which my partner joined. He had all the women enthralled because he can do the position where you cross your legs and push yourself right up off the ground with your arms. He’s very strong as well as agile. The strange thing is that John didn’t join in the yoga class on holiday and nobody could bring themselves to ask him why.

    26 Oct 2008, 15:17

  17. liyanyu

    yuan lai shi zhe me hui shi

    26 Oct 2008, 21:46

  18. Sue

    I’ve been thinking about what I said and I wouldn’t want to trivialise the effect a divorce could have on the children. I know that it would be extremely traumatic, my heart bleeds for any child in that situation (sounds rather melodramatic but it’s true). It’s hard to imagine the inner turmoil they must go through.

    27 Oct 2008, 04:58

  19. Sue

    Iforgot until this morning that her current Ipod is also black like mine. Her old one was pink.

    27 Oct 2008, 07:07

  20. Sue

    I think what threw me is that she’s got a black case for it and I was still imagining a pink Ipod underneath it.

    27 Oct 2008, 07:16

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