November 23, 2008

These days~

Quite a long time didn't write anything~not only this Warwick blog, but also my msn space, my xiaonei(Chinese facebook), etc.

Life in Warwick is so busy, but colourful. I attended CSSA which is Chinese Students Scholars Association, and I am a coordinator of Welfare department. We have 5 people of Welfare, have a meeting every Monday evening, and we definately did a lot these weeks. We hold the Mandarin Classes which is an attempt and an innovation of Warwick. We wrote proposal; we sent e-mails to both Chinese and Foreign students; we held two rounds of interviews to those who want to be a Mandarin mentor; and we held a welcome party for all the foreigners who want to attend our programme. This is such a wonderful experience and our five person's team worked quite happy together.

Beside the social acativities, I was also busy hunting my jobs. I attended lots of company's presentations, wrote my CV and several cover letters, did a number of on-line tests and also some open questions. Unfortunately, I think I'm not at a right time. The Credit Crunch, the Financial Crisis, and as an international students myself, It's really hard and even kind of unreality to find a job here. Sometimes I really feel upset of what I have to face...

Well~~~After the first GBE PMA, after the three weeks vacation( if it can be called a vacation), we had our OPP module. Actually it was quite a fun module and made me feel that life is full. Everyday we had fish exercises, to be a team with different people, but work for the same goal. We won different colours of fishes to get our final scores of the attending part of the course. I got one purple( which is my favourite colour^_^), three red and one yellow. Frankly speaking I wanted to keep that purple one as a memento, but it had to be collected to reuse...what a pity! Especially for someone like me who love purple and who love collection!~~Ok, bygones~

Friday night was such an amazing memory. We had our first MBE Bar. Good way to let us know each other more, and also good way to show others what we want them know more, such as our cooking, our singing, our dancing, etc. Really happy that night, and I do hope we can have more and more MBE Bars~~~haha

Ok, just stop here~time always gone fast, especially during weekends~Waiting for tomorrow's LE Module~~~and looking forward to seeing you guys~~

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  1. I am very worried too. These days, a lot of my friends told me their companies are layoffing, or headcut freeze. End of the year is approaching, they may be more bad news. Everyone said I made a good decision to study abroad this year. But I am so afraid that I couldn’t find a good job next year. The only thing I could do now is study and survive in writing PMAs. I do wish I have time to prepare for my job hunting but the truth is it’s bad timingahthis really driving me crazy. It’s good that you have a wonderful and busy life! I envy you

    23 Nov 2008, 22:21

  2. Hi Ritinna, We do have a bad time, and nobody knows when this financial crisis will have an end. Life is busy, but not means that life is hopeful~sometimes I do feel upset about the future, I cannot imagine what will happen next Sep. I think we can just keep doing, keep trying, and let it go in its own way…
    Anyway, we are the same, so don’t worry, I am always on your side! Let’s fight together!

    23 Nov 2008, 23:42

  3. fishing tackle

    I have looked at teaching in the public sector, safer in these times

    08 Jan 2009, 11:00

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