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October 02, 2008

first blog of my warwick life and study~

It's lunch time~

I don't have time to back home, have lunch, and come to school to continue my classes. So, I just brought some fruit and biscuits with me, and found a seat in the computer room, cut this more than one hour time.

This is my new blog, my warwick blog. Frankly speaking, I'm not used to the the English systems, and also not used to using English to do everything, especially to write daily affairs. Living and studying abroad is not a easy thing. But once choosing, do the best~This new blog will be a new start, I'll try to express everything in English, this foreign but beautiful language.

I've already got my schedule of the whole year~quite BUSY~However, it won't be a bad thing. What I have to do is to well arrange my time and enjoy my one-year life in Warwick. Have a knowledge of not only the major, but also the culture and life of the UK. All of those will be my own treasure.

Weather still terrible these days~Hope myself a good mood~

Such as the beginning~~

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