October 07, 2004

carpet burn baby burn

wow ok so i'm at warwick now! whoo! its so weird but i've been here almost two weeks, but it feels like i've been here for ages! my room is great..en suite! lovely indeed. i've started lectures and damn them they've snowed us under with work…on fresher's week! its not fair.
been having a ball with me kitchen pals, lotsa merry fun! although i don't think i'm cut out for missing loads of sleep. i am feeling kinda rundown. i got me a carpet burn! it hurts..oww. had to see the triage nurse and everything! i am never drunk-piggy-back running EVER again! well only the running part…
whoo fresher's ball tonight! actually i'm more looking forward to crash tomorrow. god bless my gold card..to go platinum or not?

September 20, 2004

My First Blog

Whoa! so this is my first blog. what is a blog? i suspect like a live journal type thing. cool! well 6 days til i arrive at warwick..eek! i still got to pack though. grrr.

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