February 14, 2008

Life, (or the Lack thereof) in academia!

I know I am supposed to be using this space for 'incubating' a business idea, but this is something I HAVE to share with everyone.  A day in the life of a postgraduate! Hell, I could possibly get in touch with Jorge Cham for this entry!

So, I am sipping coffee, surfing the net, gathering my daily dose of news, RSS feeds and webcomics when a friend from India pings me on gTalk (equivalent to a nudge on MSN and a buzz! on Yahoo! for the uninitiated. Yea, I use all three. I suck!) 

Manu (henceforth M): Ahem!

Me (henceforth S): Morning! :)

M: Proposal?

S: Yea...

M: Is it done?

S: Nope

M: Hmmm... 

S: Its due...

M: Today?

S: Tomorrow :(

M: Will it be done?

S: Let's hope so!!

M: And marriage?

S: What marriage???

M: Marriage proposal? Proposal to spend the life? Together?


Let me just say, a status message on gTalk which says "Day of the Proposal" on February 14, is not a good idea!      

October 16, 2007


Food for thought. More to follow!

*Only just warming up


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