September 21, 2011

Being the first in the industry,,,

Remember, being the first in the industry will ensure your company is the market leader and standard setter, everyone else will try to emulate, giving your company an edge over the others.

September 24, 2009

New life in Korea

It is new.

Even Korea is my home country, I feel it is new at this time. Everything was changed and faster than before. The metro system is moving at a second accuracy and the speed of internet is 100MB at home, IP TV, IP phone, all information is available on my phone, no need to carry cash in my pocket... and so on.

I, who are not used to such system, even puzzled, may looks a stupid to other people. 

I agree we need the change and to be faster,, but while it changing, it is also inevitable there is something we are loosing.  

I have to change myself and used to be here...

September 17, 2009

From Coventry

As a big bell ringing, woman on horse is coming from the clock and getting a blessing from somebody above. The ring sounds good, clear and loud.

I'm sitting on a bench in the Coventry town square, watching people and families enjoying Sunday afternoon in square. Pats and pigeons are playing & jumping around people. It is even little noisy people's chitchat.

The seminar just finished yesterday, and I am enjoying the idle time nothing to do, waiting for flight evening, after spent a night in the small town hotel.

After leaving India, and 10 days in UK, before returning back to my home... there are lots of momories passing faintly in front of eyes. 

I wonder how well I could adapt myself to new life in Korea.

7th Sep, from Coventry, UK.

September 05, 2009

Last day of the seminar

It is the last day of the school seminar here in UK.

It is very cool and bright day outside, want to go out for a picnic with someone.
Butterfly and flowers...

Now I'm returing back to Korea back. All India experiences would remain as memories... New environment will welcomm me which I have to manage in Korea.

Study and working both are tough along with personal life. How to balance them.

Lots of time, I'm still missing my Indian fellows.

August 25, 2009

Indian Smile

I could see countless smiles in India ever I haven't seen before. Their smails come from their pure & undirted soul. Their life is relatively free from money, time, stress and plenty of idiot rules.

Conversly Korean are controlled by them. You know, in Korea most people in street are too serious and even angry face. But India is different. 

I like Indian smiles.

August 24, 2009

Indian Dance

It is not about Indian traditional dance art,, I sorry to say it is just about very normal Indian peoples dance.

It is a just fun & enjoyment itself. There is no rule or special technic. You have to just assimilate yourself into dance and follow the rhythm. Shake your shoulder and hips. Raise your arms and move your legs. This is just all.

Indian dance
[Dance in the party]

Korean normally dance for others & others entertainment. But Indian dances for himself and himself to be happy. They don't dance for others so, they don't need to be nervous on his dance.

Indian dance is simple nad everyone can easily follow them. It is more intrinsic and natural. It is more likely following human's inherent instinct and nature.

I like Indian dance. 

August 22, 2009

Second GOA Trip

I just came back from Goa, stayed 3 days at RAMADA hotel. 

[Goa Hotel Ramada, Swimming pool]

I visited Goa first at 2002 when I studied and traveled India for a year. I stayed around a week and also visited Lakshadweek Island that time. 

Hardly anything was changed; sea shore, climate and people are same,,  the changed one is myself only!!

Goa seashore
[Goa Seashore]

It was too sorry in this visit, I could not have much time to enjoy Goa. B'cause this visit is for official Sales meeting and I have an other important promise in Mumbai today. I had to visit Arnjuna Beach... by bike.

Hope I could visit Goa again before dying...   

August 18, 2009

Business Idea?

I met one of the my best Indian friends yesterday before leaving India. We had a good time, talking & chatting a lot.

Both of us were struggling at the current jobs,, we talked about new biz between India and Korea. He ships goods to Korea, and I import and sell in Korea. Items would be Indian soaps, herbal products, food stuff, pharmacy and so on..

hmm, I may try on internet shopping mall or through local general store.

Anyway, It is a good idea. Let me have some more study time before starting.

August 12, 2009

For time being

It has been almost 10 months since I left last post here. So far there has been lots of events in my India life. Really so many..

Most of all, I finished my contracted period in India with my company finnally. End of this Aug, I am going to return back to my home country, Korea. It is a quite exciting event to me but also feel sad to leave India, cause I was really attached to India so far.

I just finised shifting my home, sending all goods and my family also. Now I am staying hotel from yesterday for time being before my leaving.

On the way to HOME, I'm going to go to Warwick school in UK for seminar.

In some time, I am going to upload my memories about India with pictures.

November 05, 2008

New Schedule

I built a new study schudule.

After 6 weeks lagging, I needed new plan for me. I removed all catch-up week and reduced the winter holiday from 2weeks to 1 week. It is now quite tough schedule. This is the last chance for me to catch-up the course.

Many reports and tests... lots of modules to study.weekly_planun_1102.pdf

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