September 27, 2004

Oh dear!

Well its officially the first day of my course. Just bought 110 worth of books. They gave me a four pack of red bull for spending so much money. Yay! Played some interesting drinking games involving Jack Daniels, Malibu, Archers, Cider, Fosters and wine. I now have a six hour gap in my memory. So I think I'm gonna have a quiet night in today. Got the sports fayre tomorrow and my first proper lecture.


September 26, 2004

The first weekend!

Well its been a long wait but I've finally arrived. First impressions are good. Rootes is a lively place and everybody in my corridor is really nice. Got all my stuff into the room and find out I've left behind a few bits, lucky for me I have nice parents who came back on sunday with my other stuff. Tried to cook a curry today…it turned ito a bit of a mush! Went out last night. Met a few people and took part in a space hopper race. Of course we lost the race! Didn't even get a drink to say chamiserations (I don't think thats spelt right, oh dear.) Went home early cos I was knackered. Anyway I gotta go talk to the people in the kitchen now.


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