December 03, 2004

TCTC, the end of term, life, the universe and everything

What a great gig! CTC sound so much better live than they do on CD. Thankyou to the mad people in the front of the audience who crushed my feet with their mad dancing, its greatly appreciated you know.

I can't believe it's already the end of term, I don't want to go home, well I do but I don't really. Oh well back to full time work in my shop for a month, fun fun fun. Ahhhhh no, not on campus = no dc++. oh dear, life will not be the same. Can't wait till the start of the next term. this entry is just a bit disjointed isn't it, guess I should'nt try and write entries when I'm excited. bub bye!


November 10, 2004

Why the butterfly effect is a bad film

1. It's too much like donnie darko to be called original
2. It's very, very depressing
3. It has the cheesest ending in the world.

Anyone care to disagree?


October 26, 2004

John Peel Lives

The country is in mourning today as a Legend has died. However, is he really dead? I believe he is still lives and like Elvis is in hiding somewhere. This is all a massive hoax by the CIA and the FBI. It is all George Bush's doing. The monkey thought it would be tremendously funny to kidnap him whilst he was on holiday and convince us that he is no more. Well I for one refuse to believe he is really gone.

October 23, 2004

Swamp thing

The swamp duck has been rescued. Hurray! Up until last night there was a small rubber duck living in the swamp outside rootes A-C block. Well not anymore theres not. Last night, after consuming rather a lot of alcoholic beverages, I decided the duck would be rescued. Running outside I grabbed the duck and heroically returned him to our kitchen. Only then, for some reason, i have no idea what, I decided to go back outside and search for more ducks, and even more bizarrely, to pretend I was sinking. As a result, I now have muddy jeans and trainers!
Oh well, Its just a bit of fun.


October 15, 2004


Well it was the first lab yesterday. Now have to write up my lab report, which is rather difficult as buffers and titrations are such a boring topic. I'm hoping we get to do some more exciting biology labs soon, as yesterdays was basically chemistry. Get the marks back for my essay on monday. Lindsey and Lucy got great marks, I hope I do too. Learning the amino acids is so hard, the only ones I can remember are cysteine and glycine. The rest just don't want to go into my head. I will get it eventually though. Anyway better go and do some work. Got juggling later, yay :)


October 12, 2004


Yay, toga party was fun…pics are gonna be online soon. see yaaa

Shimona xx

October 08, 2004

That was soooo not Dick Valentine

Well the freshers ball was definatley not worth paying 20 for. The bands were rubbish and it can't of been dick valentine. He is tall and thin and has wiskers. This dick valentine was short, fat and clean shaven. Dammit! I want my 20 back. And my foot got stamped on which hurt a lot. It has now gone purple. Oooouch!
Oh well. Hopefully the next gig will be better. The captain everything gig was better than this even though it was only 4 quid.
Anyway off to bed


October 06, 2004

There is a cookie on my desk

Well i'm not as unfit as I thought. Managed to run the whole training course today at orienteering training. Yay! That damn essay took all evening, I couldn't go out dammit.Hurrah cos its finished. Have many unidentified bruises from monday night. Hmmmmmm…. Its the freshers ball tomorrow, I can't wait to get all dressed up. Gonna go with my fairy wings on and my swishy black dress. :-)
Anyway off to do something else


Captain everything are amazing

Just saw captain everything for the third time, they are sooooo good! And I got through the night without a single drop of alcohol, hurrah. Chech out the pre top banana drinks photos. They are pretty random. I'm not in any of them as I was at an orienteering social but that is pretty much the rest of my corridor in those pics. Anyway, off to bed


September 29, 2004

blog number 4

I'm soooooooooooo tired. Went climbing today, yay fun but now my hands and arms are sore. Didn't go out tonight, how antisocial. Cooked food for people, tuna pasta bake. Dave approves. Got an orienteering social tomorrow. And more climbing. We are all gonna take turns to cook sunday dinner. Its my turn in 3 weeks. Dunno what to cook though! Anyway, off to bed.


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