October 05, 2007

warwick in my eyes

I have been in warwick for about a week, but thinking back the 1st day when we got UK, the tiredness but not the exciting is the main feeling on my 14-hours-way to come here.
Although my friends and I felt really tired because long distance flight and the examines in the CIQ, when we met ours fellow members who came to pick us, we felt moved and happy because we will stare a new life together in a different country. What made me more touched was that the delicious dinner which cooked by the boys in my class, and also lovely Dolly. When we were in China, most of the boys can not cook, but on 29th, they cooked us such a delicious dinner which I never expected before, and that really made feel like we are a family.
With the help of my classmates, I enrolled the accommodation, eating card and bank account, and today I went to enroll the health central and put into ¡¡ãpink¡¡À practice. And also today, I bought a SIM card and learn to top-up by myself. My new life is become ordered little by little.
During the 6 days in warwick, I found that the life style here is quite different from the study life in Renmin. For example, when I was in Renmin, the plan of the new term is announced by the tutor who in charge of ours study, and if there is some new plans, the tutor would come to the class to tell us or to call us to make sure that all of the students are know about the new plan, but in Warwick, all of the plans are announced by the e-mail, and I have to make a booking if I want meet the tutor, that is really a little bit difficult for me to get used to this way because I was not used to check my email box everyday and sometimes I would miss the news and  delay. I do not think this is a big problem, and I think I can managed a few days later.
What impressed me a lot is traffic in warwick. There are many cars in the university, and the road for the car is narrow, but I did not see any trafic jam by now and I feel safe when I want to cross the road, all the vehicles, no matter cars, buses or something else, they would slow down to let the people to cross the road first when they saw the people on the sidewalk. That is really impressed me, think back when I was in Beijing, I would be very careful when I want to cross the road if there is not overbridge, it seems that the vehicles are always in a great hurry and they can not wait for a few second to let the walkers pass.
Before I come to UK, I thought that what I can not get used would be the food in UK because there are too many butter and cheese, but after I get warwick I know that the food is not the problem to me, the food in the university are ok, and I even found a delicious chicken wings in the supermarket, it is the finished product and just need to be put in the microwave oven for a few minutes, and then, I can enjoy the good chicken wings. I like this chicken wings very much.
The time difference stare to effect, and I go to bed now, I will update some day later.
Wish every have a nice dream.
Good night.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I found your account very interesting – how kind of your course mates to cook for you when you arrived! Did they cook Chinese food? I’m glad you have found some food that you like – it is usually hard for people to adjust to food in Britain. As for the cars slowing down – make sure that you only cross where there is a zebra crossing (black and white stripes on the road). Cars will stop there but they will not stop for pedestrains if they try to cross in other places. I’m sure you will soon get used to life here – good luck!

    08 Oct 2007, 19:35

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