October 19, 2007

practice and practice and practice

Most of my friends told me that they think English is difficult for them to learn because they do not know how to learn the vocabularies and how to improve their English listening and speaking, but English study is a nice job to me for I feel it is really interesting when I study English.

It was junior middle school when I first touched the English, and I found it is a little bit difficult for me to remember the new words at first because I was just repeat them to help me learning vocabulary. It was really helped at the first few days when I learnt a new word, but with time went on; I forgot the words which I just learnt little by little. Later I found a new way to learning the vocabulary, that is to learn how to pronounce the word first, and I think it is really a good method, and after I knew how to pronounce a word and also the pronunciation of the letters or the letter combination, I can easily write the word and it also helped me to remember the meaning easier.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four main skills of the English study, and I think listening is my best skill, and the opposite is writing. I can easily follow the people who speak a Standard English, and I think it is due to my practice in the English listening. As far as my bad writing, obviously it is because I am short of practice. I had got the way to improve my writing, and I will work on it.

I think chat with local people is the best way to help me to learn English and it is also the most effective way that I had experienced. I knew my flatmates very well after we had a Chinese dinner together, and all of us got other¡'s MSN, and then we chat on the internet. When I chat with them, they would correct my mistake as well as told me some common use phrase: people say sweet dream instead of have a good dream, and also some symbols, for example lol used to means lots of love but now means laugh out loudly.

In a word, English study is not as difficult as people thought, the only thing what people need to do if they want to learn English well is practice, and be brave to communicate with others, that is really helpful.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I enjoyed reading your blog and I think you have a lot of sensible ideas here. It is interesting that you found that pronouncing a word is important for learning it. I’m glad to read that you have got some good friends who are correcting your English on MSN – communicating with native speakers is the best way to improve so that’s great! Good luck with studying English – keep it up!

    12 Nov 2007, 02:09

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