December 21, 2007

My Essays Hell

Gone through several difficult days and nights, I finally finished my first two essays in the new term. I never thought I will meet so many difficulties when I write an essay with a given topic, the essay here is quite different from what I did in China, but it is really a challenge.

Vocabulary is still the most difficulty aspect when I write essays, especially the synonym. I tried to find some equivalence for the words that I have used in the paragraphs before but I failed, so there are always some words especially the conjunctions appear in my essays, I should continue the plan of enlarge my vocabulary for the coming times.

How to write reference is another problem when I write the essay. I do not mean the form of reference, I mean sometimes I cannot tell which part of essay I should mark it as a quote. Before I came to UK, I have learnt some theory of translation and part of English cultural. One of topics this term is Discuss the problems and advantages created by change in Britain since 1945. In this essay I wanted to write about the changes in policies of politics and economy and influences of these policies. I touched some of the information about this topic when I have the cultural class, for instance the change of parties in UK and their policies in politics and economy, but there are also some information I have learnt when I was in high school in the history and politics course. When I write this essay, I use the message that I learnt before naturally, and how to write the reference of this part became a problem for me, and finally I have to found some equivalence for them.

According to the essays in the first term, I found the reference is a crucial part of essay, even if some of the knowledge I have learnt before, I should use them carefully, and read more current message is better.


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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I sympathise with your difficulty in knowing how to reference knowledge that you ‘just knew’ from a previous module. Sometimes if a fact is well-known enough there is no need to reference it (eg that China has the world’s biggest population, or that Paris is the capital of France) but for other ideas I think you did the right thing to find a book which has the same idea and use that as a reference. Also, as you say, things may have changed so it is good to check the facts in up-to-date publications. Good luck with next term’s essay!

    06 Jan 2008, 21:39

  2. thx~^^

    06 Jan 2008, 21:42

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