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March 06, 2005

Urgent mail to FBDog Headmaster

To : dogM

FBDog Headmaster

Dear dogM,

It appears that our agent failed on his mission. He has not made his weekly report to our secret antenna at Starbucks for more than 4 months now, and I really fear that the worst happened to him.

In order to save this mission, and collect the vital information we need about the activity of CatIA agents in Great Britain, I strongly recommend you to pay attention to what follows.

After years of labour in total secret, our bionic-dog labs have recently achieved to create the ultimate dog agent : the flying-V-dog ! This new breed of special agent has been artificially created by successive genetic mutation of crossbreeded cells from albatross, Norman cow and mastiff. The result is an extraordinary supersonic dog, able to fly at a speed 3 times higher than any plane, and with a furtive synthetic fur, made of electro-biopolymers, that prevent him from any radar, thermal or acoustic detection. (see the file attached)

Thanks to his incredible capacities, I truely believe that agent fV003, the first available of our supersonic agents, is the one that can save the perilous mission given to agent Pug, and even save agent Pug himself, if not too late.

We just need your consent to send what the history would remember as the most incredible scientific revolution to give help to our beloved agent Pug.

Best Regards


October 18, 2004

dog day the 2nd at 2:45 am

Agent Pug awoke a little bit past midnight from some rain drops dripping on his head. Where the hell … is he?! He realized that the self destructing recorder actually contained anaesthetic gas. And while he was asleep they transported him away from his nice little home to this cold, rainy place. Didn't they promise him California? Oh no, it can't be the States. They said something about "a land of great history". Then it must be Spain or France… but he doesn't need to cross the Ocean to get there. At least not from G. where Pug started his journey. Oh, maybe they brought him to Mallorca, the 17th state of G., but then it wouldn't explain this %&#?? weather. Still a little bit dazed from the Anaesthetic he decided to make a small investigation of the place and try to find a shelter from the rain. A small wooden box on the other side of the street drew his attention. At least for the moment it would serve its purpose. Pug decided not to be too picky. He thought about James 007 dog who was probably enjoying a night with this famous good-looking poodle lady at the moment. What was her name again? Hally Berrie? Well, but he was not James 007 dog, Pug thought. He had to settle with what life was offering him. While lost in thoughts Pug put a paw on the street and was suddenly dazzled by a car light moving at high speed towards him from the right. Pug moved slowly forward the traffic island in the middle of the street intending to wait there until the car passes him. The car light was coming closer and closer. Pug sensed that there was something terribly wrong with that car. It was driving on the wrong side of the roooaaaaaaad…...
Lying on his back on the sidewalk, out of breath from his near confrontation with death and his double-backflip, Pug thought about contract a life insurance the very next day.*

To be continued.

October 17, 2004


dog day the 1st

"Agent Pug, this is your day! You will go on a long journey. You will travel across the ocean, behind the skies to a land far far away. A land with a great history, a land of the knights and warriors, a land of the gentle dogs. From all the brave dogs you have been chosen to serve this important but hard mission. Be honoured. We believe in your ability to get your job well done. And now close your eyes this message will self destruct in 5 sec."

… 5, 4, 3, …

This is the last thing Pug remembered. On that day he had just came back from his daily walk around the block when he discovered a small package in his little but comfortable dog house. It was a secret recorder from the FBDog. As he is not the agent that they usually recruit for their missions, Pug was actually surprised when he heard the message. What might have happened to James 007dog or Spider dog? Pug wondered. Why did they choose him? Well, why should he care. They probably have finally discovered that life is not all about good looks…

To be continued.

Question: Where did Agent Pug have to go?
You will find the answer in the next episode of The secret mission of Agent Pug.

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