March 06, 2005

Urgent mail to FBDog Headmaster

To : dogM

FBDog Headmaster

Dear dogM,

It appears that our agent failed on his mission. He has not made his weekly report to our secret antenna at Starbucks for more than 4 months now, and I really fear that the worst happened to him.

In order to save this mission, and collect the vital information we need about the activity of CatIA agents in Great Britain, I strongly recommend you to pay attention to what follows.

After years of labour in total secret, our bionic-dog labs have recently achieved to create the ultimate dog agent : the flying-V-dog ! This new breed of special agent has been artificially created by successive genetic mutation of crossbreeded cells from albatross, Norman cow and mastiff. The result is an extraordinary supersonic dog, able to fly at a speed 3 times higher than any plane, and with a furtive synthetic fur, made of electro-biopolymers, that prevent him from any radar, thermal or acoustic detection. (see the file attached)

Thanks to his incredible capacities, I truely believe that agent fV003, the first available of our supersonic agents, is the one that can save the perilous mission given to agent Pug, and even save agent Pug himself, if not too late.

We just need your consent to send what the history would remember as the most incredible scientific revolution to give help to our beloved agent Pug.

Best Regards


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  1. CatIA member

    You should be careful conveying such information online as I know now more about your secret plans.. Don't worry about Agent Pug, he's in good hands ;) Let's see if this flying ridiculous thing will be successful.. I doubt it.. Good luck!

    06 Mar 2005, 14:37

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