October 24, 2010

Seminar 1 (manage employees)

I think one of the biggest issues at present is 'how to manage people'. And in an organisation,there are 4 tpyes employee which are 'Star', 'Fans', 'terrorist', and 'walking dead'. As a top manager or a HR manager, the most improtant thing is turn 'terrorist' and 'walking dead' to 'Star' or 'Fans'. But how to do that? Is it an easy question to answer? Definitely not. As far as I know, that question is depends on many elements, such as size of company, national culture, organisational culture, management style, and motivation.

Firstly, I want to talk about 'walking dead' 'walking dead' means the person who dormant and passive. He can not do any self-motivation and does his job well. From the seminar I know, there are some methods can mange them. Motivation is the important method for 'walking dead' people. People like do everything they interested in. Moreover, one word I feel very useful from this seminar, which from Pual, 'money is the worst way to motivate people'. Then trainning is a good choice for company to manage 'walking dead' people, it can improve them and give them self-confidence. However, which subejct should be given and does your employee want to trainning, which are questions should be considered about. Next, change the  working entironment of staffs also can help them. For example, put them in a 'fans' and 'star' team, and  they may in influence on 'walking dead'.

Turnning to 'terrorist', the can but 'stars' and they also can be 'bomb'. Normlly, the same methods of manage 'walking dead' people can also use on 'terrorist'. And give more chance to recover mistake they made is a good approach as well. If 'terrorist' can not become a useful employee after a long-term, the only one choice of organisation is fire them. Although it has conflict with organisational culture and it's very demotivate for other staffs, its the only way company could do, or other staffs may get influence on them.

October 19, 2010

Seminar topic 1 (teaching process)

The topic of seminar class on Monday was about some approaches of employees who are dormant and passive or active and negative.

I can not give any useful solutions before the seminar due to I have no working experience before, and I never faced to that kind of problems. I just wrote down some common ways about motivation.

A new type of teaching process, which Paul used on this seminar. 'Write ideas' ¡ú 'compositor related answers' ¡ú 'Give each title' ¡ú 'presenting' ¡ú 'Questions'

I understood almost all of approaches of handle employees who are dormant and passive or active and negative, after the teaching process which I mention above. A Benifit of that are let me know what I knew and what Ididn't know, so I can understand what knowledge I needed and where I should improve. Moreover, I can also get many different ideas during team working and from other teams' work. After all, when everyone got a key concept of the question, Paul took us deeper, and explained woth some examples which he faced before.

All in all, The experience I never had before, and I learned from that, and I enjoy it.

Hello Warwick, hello WMG and hello MBE

Although it seems to be late, I still think it is necessary to write a piece of paper about the first image in University of Warwick before I start reflection.

Before October, I planed a wonderful, fulfilling and leisure time in Warwick. However, I understood the following year will be full of challenges, when I finished the first ' getting start' class from my couse leader Mr. Paul Roberts. It is a difficult couse but full of knowledge, skills and worth.

The First thing I learned from WMG is 'Time Management'. I think it is very important for my master study and for my future work. I will Try my best to do anything better, inclouding team projects, PMAs, dissertation and everything from my study.

Good luck Ji! Good luck everyone!

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