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March 25, 2005


Everything is an ever changing process. Nothing is permanent. But my bad habits has never changed!

March 23, 2005

The Lost Two Days

I'm back here again after have disapeared for the last two days. My friends took a turn to take me out to see some used cars and the following is what I learn from this experiance:

Life is just life. By the age of 27, we should realise that life has its ups and downs. In life, there are pleasant events and there also are unpleasant events (although 80% of unpleasant events in life are what we have started [I think]). There are some predictable events and there are some events that take us by surprise. Also one day, our life will reach its end. This is true for everybody (I think). Even richest person has her/his bad days and even poorest person has her/his lucky days.

What makes life different between different people is their own interpretation of life. For example, some see unpleasant events or complications as problems needed to be solved. Some interpret such events as challenges needed to be overcome. Unfortunately, I am a person of the first kind. I tend to be suffered from complications even though I was the one who started it.

I think I am a pessimistic person. I think I should learn to be one of the second type. Bad things naturally arise even when you do not ask for it. This is life.

March 20, 2005

Car Car Car

I thought that my life would become simple again after I passed the driving test; I could not be more wrong :P It was very difficult to make my mind about what brand to buy, what model, new or used and at what price….... The good thing about today was that I bought the incredibles on DVD :D

3.13 PM
Gavin's comment is definitely true! and thanks for visting my blog :)
In fact I was so so about getting a car until yesterday. What happened? well…..I was online in MSN (as usual) and one of my old friend told me via MSN that she was coming to UK. This is a very good news since I have not seen her for a while now. Last time I went back to Thailand I did not have a chance to contact her at all. As she will be here around the mid of April, it would be nice if I can have a car to show her around (I started planing something with my GF already :)

I am not so keen on travelling but…....I would love to drive around UK before I leave her for Thailand (for good) :)

I meant to write something about an interesting Thai news yesterday but I didnt. So…here we go!!

It is a news about two brothers who are now living with their very old grandmother (on their mother side). They are now 7 and 11 years old (I think) respectively. Their father left them long time ago and their mother just passed away. So no income as their grandmom is too old to work. Both of them are stuyding in a primary school outside Bangkok but I am not sure how long this will last without any financial support. Also, the older brother are also suffering from a breathing condition. I dont know the scientific term for this condition but he cannot breath properly and need some oxygen from an oxygen tank every day. Therefore the main problem for thier life at the moment is not education but the cost of an oxygen tank for the older brother (every day). The solution for this problem from the younger brother is Thai kick boxing. He likes Thai kick boxing and has been trained for some time (please remember that he is just about 7 years old). So he has now participated in some fights to earn some money to buy his brother oxygen tanks.

This is very sad sad indeed. It is sad not only because the whole family must depend on a kid fighting and being beaten in the process of earing money, but also because the fact that kids are allowed to fight to entertain some people. Of course his opponents are also kids and the damage of their bodies is not that bad…..but, still, this is not a 7-year-old kid should do.

I know that there are a lot of kids participating in Thai-kick-boxing fights. This sort of situations happens when people have not many choices. Next time when I feel down because of the problems from my dissertation, I should remind myself how lucky I am to have a chocie of coming here to study.

March 19, 2005

The First Entry Ever!

I eventually decided to have a blog and this blog was the result of this decision. Why today? Today was a boring Saturday, wasn't it? No one was around since the term had ended (well, there were some conference goers walking around the campus) and I had to be here finishing my work. (Working is enjoyable as long as it is productive)

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