August 18, 2005

From Meeting with Mark the day before


we might wanna use EDAGE for exp and YERQAL2 for education.
Why? think about a student who drops out of his Uni after his first year. He will be 19 assuming he has entered the Uni at 18. For him, EDAGE (age leaving full time education) = 19 but YERQAL2 (age obtained highest qualification, which should be A-levels in this case) = 18.


We will come back to look at the case where Z is not equal to X later. That is, we might add some extra variables into R's model (such as hourpay) apart of those from X.


We decided to have Z = X for the time being.

the coefficient of "londse" seems to be varried a lot with the change in assumption.

Combine sampling weights and IP weights and use these modified weights in the OLS estimation.

Write a report for Mark about the arguments for using IPW estimator in Wooldridge (2002, 2003).

Do some diagnostic tests.

Try to do Heckman, Newey's selection models.

Next step should be Smith or TLR.

Meet some time in September.

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  1. MMP

    What r u talking about? I think u must be confused. No No No ur major is not econometrics. U have been working so hard to get a Lightable Sword and to be a less talkative Jedi :p

    Ur real PhD topic is "how to succeed in playing Starwars game" 5555.

    23 Aug 2005, 18:36

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