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February 14, 2007

Catch up!

It's been a few days since I put letters on a screen but then since my 'stuck duck' story there hasn't been much to ponder, rant or even just chatter about so here's a quick catch up on the last few days:

Holiday on Friday, snowed loads which was great :) but no snowball fights which wasn't great :(  looked at carpets which weren't as expensive as we thought which was great ;), bought the wrong paint though which wasn't great :(

Watched the rugby on Saturday which was great :) Wales lost though which wasn't great :(  Went to D & C's for fun and larks which was great :) I was driving though which wasn't great :(

Went shopping for curtains on Sunday which was great :) came home without any which wasn't great:(  Had a lovely walk in the afternoon and a drink in the pub which was great :)  then had to think about Monday morning which wasn't great :(

Went to London on Monday which was great :) but it was noisy and smelly which wasn't great :(

Had Valentine's pressie this morning which was great :) and having nice dinner tonight with sparkly stuff which will be great :) and I'll be at home with HP on our 11th Valentine which will be great :) Lot's of smileys now!!

See, balance in everything and the rewards will come....

January 30, 2007

Is it just me?

I've had 3 meetings so far this week in different departments and each one that I've been to the women in the meeting have done 'the quick up and down look', why are they doing this?  I'm a woman too they shouldn't be doing this and I'm pretty certain women never used to do it. 

My reasons for why they do are not earth shattering but they do include:

  • the increased pressure from the fashion industry
  • the increased pressure from the diet industry (this does really tie in with the 1st one)
  • their need to reaffirm that they are better looking, thinner, better dressed, wear more expensive clothing etc. etc ad nauseum than the next person (again this all ties in to the 2 above)

Although these thoughts don't actually go through their head in that split second of looking you up and down, the points above just translate 2 ways depending on what type of day they are having, for example:

Good day

  • At least I'm thinner than her
  • That skirt, shirt, dress, shoes looks cheap
  • I wouldn't have worn that with that
  • That colour really doesn't suit her
  • Did she look in the mirror this morning?

Bad day

  • God why has everyone got such a nice figure and I just look fat?
  • she must get paid loads to afford those clothes
  • I wish I could get away with wearing something like that
  • That colour just wouldn't suit me
  • I wish I hadn't looked in the mirror this morning...

How do I know this?  I watch the expressions on their faces and read their mind or possibly I think these things too, however, I'm pretty certain I don't do the 'up and down' thing and I wish other women wouldn't too - it's not good and it just continues to feed your own insecurities if you are constantly measuring yourself against others - be who you are and be individual!! 

OK now for the hard part...taking heed of my own advice....

January 29, 2007


I had to make a decision  late Friday afternoon just before I left work which basically affected my whole weekend.  I'm currently working on a project that will inform people of future changes in a particular area.  The team has gone to some trouble to ensure that the information is correct, realistic, reassuring and most importantly non-inflammatory.  It is also being drip-fed as new information becomes available.  So how come some person outside of the working team decides it's ok to announce completely incorrect information that has the potential to cause more disruption than the actual project? 

I had the choice of leaving the comment to see how it would run but knowing that it could become something quite big and difficult to control or responding to the comment with the correct information but exposing more people to the information than we were necessarily ready to deal with yet - rock and a hard place springs to mind!

There was no one available to get advice from so I plumped for the latter, but I spent all weekend wondering if this decision was going to cause trouble for me come Monday morning!  However, so far so good, someone else has added that the incorrect announcement seems a bit of a waste of time and although the stats for the information webpage have increased I haven't had a torrent of panicky emails to deal with which is a big plus point!

I have been left wondering though why this person went to the trouble of announcing this incorrect information and I've come up with 3 theories:

  • They didn't have the correct information in the first place so thought it was something that should be raised.
  • Politically it will advance their cause as much of the work has already been done so they will look like they've made this happen
  • They just like to cause problems

I wonder...

It's a good job I've got the allotment to do my thinking on!  Another 2 days spent up there (HP even came up on Saturday!)  We've got some old carpet laid down on my paths and another 2 beds dug!
It's really beginning to look like an allotment.  I also hot-footed it down to the garden cantre and got some rhubarb and asparagas to go in a permanent bed - also spent a bit of time eyeing up the weekend perhaps...

January 05, 2007

It's Friday tra la la…

Well after yesterday’s miserable post I can say that today I do actually feel much better. By the end of yesterday I had made some head way into work related stuff and felt much more on top of things which has now given me a more positive frame of mind and of course it’s Friday!
The weekend stretches out and I’ve got the prospect of my allotment to look forward. Strangely enough I was thinking about that this morning when I was looking at the paper and I noticed that there is a programme on tonight about how to grow your own vegtables. It’s a new series so that should at least give me some pointers to get the whole thing started. I think it’s potatoes tonight which is great coz I love them!
I’m also looking forward to seeing D as I haven’t seen her since the summer and it’s always good to have a great natter with your old mates especially when a pub is going to be involved!
Hey Ho work is waiting that’s if I can keep my mind off the allotment and the pub!

January 04, 2007

January Blues

I was OK yesterday, quite looking forward to going back to work and picking up the routine again but by the time I got home last night I was thoroughly fed up. I can only see dark, cold, damp days drawing out endlessly filled with work, work and more work….so on the drive to work this morning I thought about all the things I’ve got to look forward to in the next few weeks…
1. It’s Friday tomorrow
2. My friend D is coming from Wales on Saturday
3. We’re meeting our other friend L to celebrate her 40th in Birmingham
4. Might get my allotment this weekend
5. Going on a 2 day course next week
6. Step classes start again on Monday
7. Greek lessons start again next Thursday
See there’s quite a few there but do I feel uplifted? Frankly no but I might have perked up again by tomorrow!

On another tack I was watching the Midlands news last night and a woman was featured called Bee Wells who has fought off cancer 3 times with her diet. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her because it was an old friend of mine from Wales who I’d lost touch with. She looked exactly the same despite the poor health she’s obviously been subjected to. I emailed the programme to see if they will pass my details on to her, it would be great if she got in touch.

January 03, 2007

…and it's gone!

Well that was that! All that looking forward to something and quick as a flash it’s over. A friend of mine once said ‘it is better to travel than to arrive’ and sometimes I think she is right, the anticipation, longing, planning and excitement all building to a crescendo only for it to be over so quickly it might never have happened!
For all that it was good fun and I had some lovely presents, including a beautiful sparkly necklace from HP which was a surprise (he’s so clever!) and an amazing dolls’ house, something I’ve always wanted and it had lights and a Christmas tree and everything, it’s very sweet.
New Year was also great fun we decided to do a 1920ish casino night at one of our friends, we had so much chocolate money nobody could have lost and I think one of our friends developed an addiction to poker! Have a look at the piccies.
So what did we do in 2006?
Travel = Spain, Paris and Zakynthos, Newcastle, Wales, Glasgow, Bradford on Avon, London (I’m sure there’s more but can’t think of any)
*House *= months of building work to acheive a fantastic new kitchen, decorated spare room
*Work *= left my old (and happy) job for new, interesting job which I’m just getting to grips with
Life = HP still wonderful, started step classes again (yippee!) and swimming, Tobi is still with us, got a cleaner (yipee again!), my Dad was 60, started a blog…

OK so what’s in store for 2007?
Travel = Exeter, New York (so far in Feb and March respectively)
House = Insulate loft, decorate bedroom, study, stairs and landing and get a carpet (yippee) make a start on the garden
Work = Continue to get to grips with new job there are certainly some challenges for the year ahead which can only improve my future employment potential
Life = HP will still be wonderful, I will continue with the step classes and swimming but will also try to be more active generally, I’m 40 this year but my Grandad will be 95 in February! Hoping to get an allotment, should help with the activity aspect and better vegtables, although that remains to be seen! Will also try to do more archery when the weather gets better.
None of that seems to difficult it’s just a case of sticking to it…

December 20, 2006

It's finally here!

Yup! It’s finally here, the day I’ve been looking forward to for the last 3 months….MY LAST DAY IN WORK hurray! Let me just clarify, I like work a lot and it’s getting more and more interesting but there’s nothing like the last day of work with 2 weeks of festivities stretching out before you.
Not to say that I’m not going to be busy over the next couple of days because I’ve got to finish the food shopping and start cooking before HP’s brother and family arrive on Saturday, swiftly followed by HP’s parents on Sunday and my Dad on Monday.
I think we’ll have emptied the house again by Wednesday lunchtime, then it’ll be snuggle up on the sofa, bottle of wine, remainder of the Quality Street and watch the recordings of all the TV programmes I refused to let everyone else watch because they should be playing family games and communicating not staring at the goggle box!(He he)
This will probably be my last blog for a while unless I have an overwhelming need to sit in front of a computer (unlikely!) so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone that reads this rambling nonsense and bloody hell it’s cold today! (Hope it stays this cold for Christmas…)

November 07, 2006


A strange thing has just happened to me. I popped downstairs to fill my bottle of water and got chatting to someone about their daughter’s orthodontist appointment. Now, I used to be a Dental Hygientist so I offered her some advice on what was likely to happen, how well retainers needed looking after etc. then WHAM! a wave of nostalgia came over me and I really wanted to be back in a dental surgery with the lovely smell of hibisol and the radio playing in the background.
This really did take me by surprise because 6 years ago I couldn’t wait to get out of a job that I had been in for over 16 years and was physically demanding, mentally unstimulating and psychologically draining, hence a return to University and a career change.
Maybe it’s just a reminder that I need a check up…

November 06, 2006

Big Day!

Well today’s the big day! I’ve been working towards this day for the past 2 months, planning, designing, talking to people and generally running about and now it’s here and …well… not much has happened yet. There has been no flurry of excitement, no rush of people, no nothing really, maybe it will pick up later today or perhaps tomorrow – always the eternal optimist!
Weekend was lovely, spent Saturday putting the finishing touches to our kitchen and making pumpkin and chorizo soup for after the club’s bonfire party. Sunday was mellow and relaxing – I’ll just look forward to the next one!

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