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November 27, 2006

It's nearly December – Yippee!

Feeling much better than I did on Friday, no screaming woman around to frighten children today!
Indulged in lots of Christmas shopping over the weekend which really began to get me in the mood for Christmas. I went to TK Maxx home store on Sunday to get a trifle bowl and came out with a trifle bowl, a jug, another bowl that will look just perfect on our new coffee table, a classy christmassy tablecloth for said table to prohibit the glass rings and scratches our relatives are likely to inflict and some coasters – all for £36 bargain!! But I could have bought loads more, especially the Christmassy stuff but I did have to exercise the little control I have otherwise we could end up with santa’s grotto! I don’t care though, it’s a lovely time of year and it’s great to get all the sparkly, glitzy stuff that ordinarily wouldn’t get house room, I say indulge yourself! Now where are my Christmas decorations…

October 23, 2006


It doesn’t take long to come back round again – but then again hopefully Friday won’t either.
The weekend was good, we had a lovely time with T, E, G and D, the food went down well and the wine even better and I don’t think I got drunk enough to make a fool of myself – always a welcome change!. Got up early on Saturday to cook them all breakfast and send them on their way – so I think I’m the hostess with the mostess!
The rest of the day was spent tidying and recovering :(
Sunday was fun, HP agreed to go ice skating which was great. He didn’t like it much when he got there though. I don’t suppose it helped seeing someone with the ambulance service having done themselves a bleeder as soon as we got in there but I liked it! (the skating not the accident) Sunday evening we did our Greek homework which again was a laugh, although HP is so competitive he has to try and finish before me etc. it’s very funny really. So homework done followed by Venison casserole done in the slow cooker, a few glasses of red plonk and then a laugh at how bad Torchwood is and then bed. Quite a perfect day in a way.
Today is supposed to be farily busy with, fire alarms, more stats on LQ surevy a chat about the intraweb, a step class and a second go at trying to sell my phone on ebay – hey ho best get on with it all then!!

October 20, 2006

It's Friday Tra La La, It's Friday Tra La La!!

Wine Yippee, it’s Friday again but it’s the big day when T and E are coming to stay. I’ve got that horrible feeling when people are coming over that you don’t know that well any more, plus there are 2 people coming who we don’t know at all!! Will we run out of conversation? Will I just get drunk out of nerves and make an idiot of myself (I should be able to control my drinking I’m 39 for God’s sake!) will they be vegetarians and I’m making roast chicken aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I’m sure it will all be fine but it won’t stop me worrying about it…
The eBay thing seems to have got a bit better. The idiot who scammed me then deregistered which enabled me to open and close a dispute without having to wait 7 days, thereby I could offer it to the last eligible bidder – not sure if they are going to accept it yet.
Also first Greek lesson last night was brilliant ‘me lena’ Sharon…Ti tha parete – what do you want? ena Frape or mia bira especially later. HP was well impressed when I got home and is a bit worried that he’s been left behind but I’m sure he’ll catch up next week.
Oh well best get some work done – see you next week! :)

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