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October 25, 2006

No one wants to speak to me!!

Can you hear me?This title just suddenly came to me, I’m trying hard to do work etc. so I send emails, leave messages on answer machines but nobody gets back to me! Is it because my phone/email doesn’t work? Is it because I leave incomprehesible messages people don’t understand I need them to get back to me? Or are they just plain ignorant?
For example, I have automatically generated several emails through my (much discussed )Ebay transaction, I even sent a refund yesterday on the postage which sent an email to the buyer saying they had received this refund. Did I get a thank you? No! now this is making me paranoid because what if he is going to do a ‘chargeback’ on my Paypal account?
An example from work – I have at least 3 tasks to complete but I need input from other people but emails and phonecalls don’t seem to get the point across, meanwhile I’m in limbo twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to pull their finger out.
I can see it’s going to be a ranting day today!

October 19, 2006

EBay scammers!

Can’t believe it my first time on eBay and I get scammed! I’m just tyring to sell an upgrade phone minding my own business and I don’t want huge amounts of money when some idiot, well actually not just 1 but 4 idiots (unless they were all the same person…) start bidding right at the end putting the sale price at £620!!!!
That means all my sensible bids were out of the game and I probably lost some money in the deal coz I’ve done a 2nd chance offer to the last proper bid hmmmph!
Although they haven’t got back to me so I might have to re-list it or just give it to my brother for Christmas….
On the plus side I’ve had my feedback from my line manager and it looks like I’m a girly swot and have made a good impression – careful though as pride does come before a fall!!! so actually maybe I should be extra careful in everything I do just to make sure I don’t fall flat on my arse!
Also got Greek lessons tonight which I’m looking forward to – Kalamera!

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