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February 08, 2007

Stuck duck!

This is probably one of the saddest things I've ever seen.  After work yesterday I thought I'd take HP for a drink down the local and stop off at the duck pond to watch the ducks slipping and sliding on the ice in what I thought was going to be a cute and funny way, but it was not to be! 

When we got there someone had left loads of bread and grain for them on the ice and there was some bigger swan sized holes that the ducks were paddling in as well as slithering about, so far so good. 

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a duck on it's own just sitting very still on the ice, I sent HP to investigate and it was stuck to the ice, it's feet were out of the water but its undercarriage was well and truly stuck.  What made it worse was when we tried to get closer to see if we could do anything to help it, it started scrabbling around with its feet and just going around in circles - it was so sad.  After trying to break the ice with long sticks and realising that all we were really doing was frightening the duck we had to resign ourselves to the fact that the duck was stuck!

But then things took a turn for the worse when all our commotion seemed to rouse the other ducks and they came slipping and sliding on the ice to the stuck duck.  In my naievety I thought they were going to help their fellow duck. I even thought they had a cunning idea when they started standing on it as I thought the weight of two or three ducks might crack the ice but oh no, now it was a f****d stuck duck - any opportunity!!

It ended with us having to leave the duck there and resign ourselves to the fact that it would probably be there all night and die of exposure or something.  I spent much of last night thinking about the poor duck but this morning when we drove past, it wasn't there so it looks like it was a happy ending after all. 

I do like a happy ending and the drink in the pub was good too!

February 07, 2007


What a fantastic day!  I had to leave half an hour earlier this morning for a meeting but it was great driving into work, less cars and more beautiful, frost covered scenery to see.  The poor ducks on the pond had no water to paddle in this morning they were just slipping and sliding on the ice.  The swans, however seemed to have 2 swan-sized holes, I presume they are heavier and their body mass must have warmed the ice up so they just melted through it - that could have woke them up with a jolt this morning!

And there's always the snow forecast for tomorrow, HP is getting very excited so I hope he doesn't get disappointed!

November 02, 2006

Yoof of Today!

Another fantastic day, opened the bedroom curtains to see a beautiful blue sky, golden trees and a frost covered field – great! Only to be marred by the chip paper, cans of coke and fag packets left by the yoof from the night before!
I love where we live but the past couple of months a dozen or more 10-17 year olds have decided that hanging around outside the playing field as opposed to inside it is the coolest thing to do. Now I know you’re thinking nimby but in my defence I don’t actually mind them hanging about too much. The oldest one turns up in a car and the others bum fags off him and the girls flirt with him just to get to sit in the car when it’s raining. If the music gets loud you can ask them to turn it down without being sworn at, and last night when I thought they were going to put a firework in the bin I went and wagged my finger and gave them my sternest old lady voice and they were very contrite. Ok so what’s my problem then? THEY LEAVE LITTER EVERYWHERE and it really depresses me especially when there’s a bloody bin right next to where they’re congregating (the same bin they were keen to put fireworks in!) So most mornings armed with rubber gloves I go out and pick it all up. This has two positives, one it makes me feel better and two all the old people walking their dogs early in the morning and have walked past said litter coz they don’t live opposite it feel guilty and start picking it up too. I’m working on the basis if enough people (who get up earlier than me) feel guilty and start to pick the litter up as they go past, I’ll just be able to open my bedroom curtains and look out at the beautiful, litter free place that I live without feeling my blood pressure rise!
Now that I’ve made myself sound like a complete TOG I’ll sign off…hey ho it’s Friday tomorrow x

November 01, 2006

Jack Frost

First car windscreen scraping of the autumn, I wonder how many car scrapings there are until Christmas…

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