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May 11, 2007

Drip, Drip, Drip Little April oops no May showers

I'm probablt the only person who is secretly enjoying the rain we're having.  I've just planted new seeds up at the allotment and I better they're having a great time sucking up all this moisture.  The only drawback is that I haven't been out digging and hoeing which means them darn weeds will be at it too :(

Anyway here's some piccies of my lovely bit of land it's coming on a treat:

April 1


Under cover we have pointed red cabbage, pak choi and purple sprouting brocoli.  The covers are off now and they are making really good progress, can't wait to eat them!

February 02, 2007

We know how the song goes….

....It's Friday Tra La La etc., etc.  always a good day!

I've been preoccupied the past couple of days and haven't had any thoughts that I particularly wanted to express but one funny thing has kept coming back to so I might as well recant the tale.

The other day, before I left for work, I asked HP if he would put on the dishwasher after he'd finished breakfast, he promptly replied no problem, I remember how to do that 'I stuff a tablet in it's mouth, slam it's jaws shut and then poke it in the eye!'  He was still half asleep at the time and he does have a tendency to talk drivel whilst in this state but no, he was wide awake. 

If only I'd known I only had to think of a Batman/James Bond fight sequence for him to operate domestic machinery my life could have been so much easier! 

January 19, 2007

The sun has got his hat on…

The sun HAS got his hat on and its staying on all weekend! That can mean only one thing...allotment time!  Yep, I think I'll aim to spend a few hours on Saturday and Sunday up there and just continue to clear the ground. There may well be some damage from yesterday's winds and I bet any money my tarpualin coverings aren't where I left them!  Still won't be able to do any digging though as the ground will be to be wet so I'll just have to curb my enthusiasim for that particular job.

I think the rest of the weekend will be taken up with a trip to the pictures on Saturday, some Greek homework on Sunday, ironing :( and HP will doing something with a saw and nails I think (he he!)

But feeling good coz it's Friday tra la la.....

January 05, 2007

It's Friday tra la la…

Well after yesterday’s miserable post I can say that today I do actually feel much better. By the end of yesterday I had made some head way into work related stuff and felt much more on top of things which has now given me a more positive frame of mind and of course it’s Friday!
The weekend stretches out and I’ve got the prospect of my allotment to look forward. Strangely enough I was thinking about that this morning when I was looking at the paper and I noticed that there is a programme on tonight about how to grow your own vegtables. It’s a new series so that should at least give me some pointers to get the whole thing started. I think it’s potatoes tonight which is great coz I love them!
I’m also looking forward to seeing D as I haven’t seen her since the summer and it’s always good to have a great natter with your old mates especially when a pub is going to be involved!
Hey Ho work is waiting that’s if I can keep my mind off the allotment and the pub!

January 04, 2007

January Blues

I was OK yesterday, quite looking forward to going back to work and picking up the routine again but by the time I got home last night I was thoroughly fed up. I can only see dark, cold, damp days drawing out endlessly filled with work, work and more work….so on the drive to work this morning I thought about all the things I’ve got to look forward to in the next few weeks…
1. It’s Friday tomorrow
2. My friend D is coming from Wales on Saturday
3. We’re meeting our other friend L to celebrate her 40th in Birmingham
4. Might get my allotment this weekend
5. Going on a 2 day course next week
6. Step classes start again on Monday
7. Greek lessons start again next Thursday
See there’s quite a few there but do I feel uplifted? Frankly no but I might have perked up again by tomorrow!

On another tack I was watching the Midlands news last night and a woman was featured called Bee Wells who has fought off cancer 3 times with her diet. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her because it was an old friend of mine from Wales who I’d lost touch with. She looked exactly the same despite the poor health she’s obviously been subjected to. I emailed the programme to see if they will pass my details on to her, it would be great if she got in touch.

November 30, 2006

really, nearly there!

Yes we’re really, nearly there to so many fun things:
1. Greek lesson (tonight)
2. Friday
3. Friday night!
4. The weekend
5. December (happening on Friday)
6. Seeing my brother (who I haven’t seen for ages!)
7. Advent calendar opening
8. Week 10
9. Christmas parties
10. Christmas presents!

I worry sometimes how much I look forward to the next thing, maybe I should just spend sometime enjoying the here and now…

November 03, 2006


After my rant yesterday I thought I’d go for the simple option…it’s Friday and that will suffice…

October 27, 2006


Kalemera – see I sound like a native. Had a good Greek lesson last night, I really liked the language lab even if it wasn’t working properly. It was good to hear my own voice saying the words, I’m sure if we’d had something like that in my school I would have enjoyed languages much more than I did and have been better at them!!
Friday again and it’s one of those lovely autumn days, the sun’s shining, the leaves are falling and there is blue, orange, red and green wherever you look – fantastic! And it’s the weekend – double fantastic! Not sure what we’ll be doing but hopefully we might get out for a walk and a visit to the pub on a Sunday is long overdue, maybe we could take our Greek homework down with us, now that could be fun…

October 20, 2006

It's Friday Tra La La, It's Friday Tra La La!!

Wine Yippee, it’s Friday again but it’s the big day when T and E are coming to stay. I’ve got that horrible feeling when people are coming over that you don’t know that well any more, plus there are 2 people coming who we don’t know at all!! Will we run out of conversation? Will I just get drunk out of nerves and make an idiot of myself (I should be able to control my drinking I’m 39 for God’s sake!) will they be vegetarians and I’m making roast chicken aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I’m sure it will all be fine but it won’t stop me worrying about it…
The eBay thing seems to have got a bit better. The idiot who scammed me then deregistered which enabled me to open and close a dispute without having to wait 7 days, thereby I could offer it to the last eligible bidder – not sure if they are going to accept it yet.
Also first Greek lesson last night was brilliant ‘me lena’ Sharon…Ti tha parete – what do you want? ena Frape or mia bira especially later. HP was well impressed when I got home and is a bit worried that he’s been left behind but I’m sure he’ll catch up next week.
Oh well best get some work done – see you next week! :)

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