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January 12, 2007


Had a weird experience this morning...I had an appointment to see a new dentist for the first time in 3 years and despite surronding myself in dentistry for the past 20 odd years in one way or another as I drove closer to the surgery I got more and more nervous that they were going to hurt me!  That is just weird, I've never been 'hurt' by a dentist in my life and I've had some pretty nasty things done to my teeth over the years, including removal of my canine teeth through my palate, 3 hours to get one wisdom tooth out with local anaesthetic, general anasethetic for the remaining wisdom teeth (bizarrely my back really hurt after that operation???) etc., etc. so I had no bad experiences on which to base my nervousness on.  Maybe it was just the fact that for the first time since I gave up being a Dental Hygienist I actually felt like a punter and didn't really know what to expect.

As it happened the dentist (female) was very nice, the surgery was in an excellent state of order and all health & safety and good cross-infection control methods were in place (my main problem with most dentists) and they had loads of up to date equipment.  Nothing was hurried and they took the time to talk which was also good.  To me this signifies that the principal dentist cares about his staff enough to give them enough time to treat patients effectively, in turn the treating dentist will value and respect their patients.  I got a clean bill of health so 'no fillings today Ma..' and just a nice scale and polish in a few weeks time.  The bill was a little steep but bearing in mind everything I've just said you get what you pay for and when it comes to my teeth I want to make sure it's a good environment!

On another tack HP showed me a picture of a lovely black male cat who needs a good home and he's really cute.  Unfortunately I'm not sure the old lady cat at home would be too happy to see another cat at home as she's already see one off!


October 30, 2006

A vole hole?

Vole5am Monday morning and I’m rudely awoken by a screaming cat very proud of the fact that at the grand old age of 13 she’s managed to catch something – great! So of course the best action is to wake HP and tell him the cat’s got something and bless him, he does get out of bed while I turn over to ready myself for the inevitable scuffling, sighing and cursing that will follow. Sure enough after about 5 minutes of the former he comes back upstairs to tell me how cute the vole was, how he’d caught it but it jumped out of his hands and then how it escaped into the front room and there was no chance of him finding it so he’s shut the cat out and come back to bed; assuring me that the vole will find a hole to escape.
Now this maybe the case but I thought he’d told me how well we decorated the place and sealed up areas around the radiators etc. so where will this convenient hole be for the the lovely vole? So, I spent the rest of the 2 hours before I had to get up worrying about where the vole was, has it escaped? has it died from shock, only for me to find it’s cute but rotting corpse next time I move the sofa? Oh well another good start to the week…

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