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May 15, 2007

Pesky Critters!

Looks like I spoke too soon.  I went up to the allotment last night in between the showers to try and tackle the weed growth that I knew would be really bad after all this rain but I was also hoping to find my produce springing up after their obviously sprang up too lush as some greedy critter has eaten it!!  My peas have gone - mice?, my beans have holes - slugs?, and my purple sprouting brocoli is reduced to stalks - slugs again?,  the things that remain unscathed are my potatoes, onions and pak choi but that's not going to make my vegtable in-take very exciting is it??  humphhh!

May 11, 2007

Drip, Drip, Drip Little April oops no May showers

I'm probablt the only person who is secretly enjoying the rain we're having.  I've just planted new seeds up at the allotment and I better they're having a great time sucking up all this moisture.  The only drawback is that I haven't been out digging and hoeing which means them darn weeds will be at it too :(

Anyway here's some piccies of my lovely bit of land it's coming on a treat:

April 1


Under cover we have pointed red cabbage, pak choi and purple sprouting brocoli.  The covers are off now and they are making really good progress, can't wait to eat them!

May 03, 2007

Just haven't got around to it…

I haven't written anything for ages but I'm feeling the urge to just write so what better place to do it?

I've been meaning to update on  my allotment for ages I've even got photos but I just haven't got around to it.  So without the visuals here's the potatoes are coming on a treat although I was told yesterday that if it doesn't rain then the actual potato won't swell :( my onions are very handsome and they're all standing up in a nice row, although apparently they won't be ready to eat for ages and I've got to let them dry and everything :(  My pak choi looks great as does my purple sprouting brocoli and pointed red cabbage :) however I did move some carrots and leeks from my greenhouse the other day and they look decidely sorry for themselves now despite my watering them and talking to them :(  WE NEED RAIN!!! 

My friend T came up trumps again though, he's given my a scythe so I can cut back all the nettles and long grass that's growing around the edge of my plot.  I had a go on Monday and I don't think my technique is up to scratch as I ended up with a scythe injury - lucky just a blister as opposed to a toe amputation!!

Archery has also taken a dive.  After changing to HPs limbs (that conjurs up amusing pictures..) my arrows no longer suit my bow and they have enabled me to miss the target more times than hit it, no honestly, it must be the arrows, a good archer will always blame the bow it can't be their release technique or the fact their mouth is hanging open in a fish-like manner, or their head resembles a nodding dog, or their shoulders mimic an old crone - none of these things are possible it is just the arrows!!  Anyway I've gone and bought some new ones which will make me a champion before the end of the year!  At this point it is worth noting that HP has acheived a significant personal ambition of becoming Archer of the Month and I'm very proud of him and I know he can't wait for his shiny badge - he's like a little magpie :)

Work is good, things are hotting up on the R front and it's exciting stuff I just want it get going so we can see what the end result will be like!

Anyway pictures will follow of the allotment and archery hopefully (if I can hit the target!)

April 16, 2007

Welcome to Lucy

Follow-up to Triple A from HP's blog

Oh and the chicks hatched and I got to name the first one.  I named her Lucy and she was all black and fluffy.  That surprised me as I thought all chicks were yellow and then changed colour as they got older, it just shows you what 40 years worth of Easter advertising can do to you...

Triple A

Just got back to work after a fantastic week off.  I didn't go anywhere exciting just stayed at home but it was lovely.  I spent my time pottering around  the house and doing things I like doing, mainly 3 As

  • Allotment
  • Archery
  • Alcohol

All in  moderation of course :)

March 28, 2007


What a fantastic afternoon it was yesterday!  I rushed home from work got a bolognese on the go and hot footed it up to my allotment.  I didn't have anything particular to do but I just wanted to be outside and 'be'.  I played around in the muck and dirt pulling at haphazad weed growth and scavenging the hedgerows for stuff.  It was really warm, the sun was shining and I stayed up there until 7pm, got home, had a shower, spag bol was ready accompanied by a glass of wine - bliss 

March 26, 2007

Spring – reminds me of tigger

The clocks have gone forward and it really does feel like Spring now.  I spent a few hours up the alltoment yesterday with my new toy- a Mantis rotavator.  I thought I might have a bit of trouble getting it statred because it's a pull thingy (like they have on boats...) but it started first time and I was off!!  I managed to get 3 of my beds rotavated and now the soil resembles cake crumbs and is ready for whatever I choose to plant.  I had to have a quick check over the seeds I've bought to see what should be going in when but I think I might start them all off in the greenhouse first and then plant them out a bit later on.  That will give me plenty of time to continue making sure my soil is just right!  Oh the joy of an allotment and what's even better is that I can start going up after work now as it's lighter in the evening yippee!

On a different note the bedroom is definitely taking shape, HP is working hard on stripping the old bed and revarnishing it ready for some magical woodwork and then it'll be back to sleeping in comfy bed again - that calls for a 2nd yippee!

See lots of things to be bouncy about - tiggers (Spring) are wonderful things!

February 21, 2007

Doesn't it look lovely?

More pictures of my allotment, if compared with the earlier ones you can really see how it's coming on.  See if you can spot the first rhubarb plants....

Feb.18 (1)Feb.18 (6)Feb.18 (3)

February 19, 2007

Are they or aren't they?

Great weekend full of stuff!  Went to see M,L and J this weekend in Manchester.  The boys went off to the football (only HP's 2nd big match, he was v excited!) and me and L went off to John Lewis looking for curtains.  I love that shop and yes I found my curtains at long last which now means I can plan the rest of the colouring for the bedroom.  Back to the house for a few glasses of vino while we watched the match from the comfort of their sofa.  A nice curry when the boys got back and then a quick sprint down the M6 and back at home by 1am, perfect!

Sunday was spent on the beloved allotment and it's looking more and more like somewhere you can actually grow food!  I've dug another bed and tidied up a bed that looks like it might be a row of fruit bushes, unfortunately I need some identification on this and I did take photos it's just they took too long to upload at home yesterday - so are they or aren't they fruit bushes? and if anyone has some handy hints of how to tell just let me know.  I was so pleased with all the work I'd done and it was so warm I decided to actually bite the bullet and plant something so in went my rhubarb and asparagus (photos to follow here too!) Now the blurb on the back of the packet said use manure but my trusted gardening friend T said he'd got rhubarb in his garden and hadn't used manure so I've followed his advice, but if my rhubarb dies then I know who to blame (just in case you're reading this T!)

One more question though, I think my seed potatoes have gone too far in their shoots and now feel a bit soft, is this normal or do I need to get some more and start chitting them again - I'd be grateful for advice!

February 14, 2007

Catch up!

It's been a few days since I put letters on a screen but then since my 'stuck duck' story there hasn't been much to ponder, rant or even just chatter about so here's a quick catch up on the last few days:

Holiday on Friday, snowed loads which was great :) but no snowball fights which wasn't great :(  looked at carpets which weren't as expensive as we thought which was great ;), bought the wrong paint though which wasn't great :(

Watched the rugby on Saturday which was great :) Wales lost though which wasn't great :(  Went to D & C's for fun and larks which was great :) I was driving though which wasn't great :(

Went shopping for curtains on Sunday which was great :) came home without any which wasn't great:(  Had a lovely walk in the afternoon and a drink in the pub which was great :)  then had to think about Monday morning which wasn't great :(

Went to London on Monday which was great :) but it was noisy and smelly which wasn't great :(

Had Valentine's pressie this morning which was great :) and having nice dinner tonight with sparkly stuff which will be great :) and I'll be at home with HP on our 11th Valentine which will be great :) Lot's of smileys now!!

See, balance in everything and the rewards will come....

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