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December 20, 2006

It's finally here!

Yup! It’s finally here, the day I’ve been looking forward to for the last 3 months….MY LAST DAY IN WORK hurray! Let me just clarify, I like work a lot and it’s getting more and more interesting but there’s nothing like the last day of work with 2 weeks of festivities stretching out before you.
Not to say that I’m not going to be busy over the next couple of days because I’ve got to finish the food shopping and start cooking before HP’s brother and family arrive on Saturday, swiftly followed by HP’s parents on Sunday and my Dad on Monday.
I think we’ll have emptied the house again by Wednesday lunchtime, then it’ll be snuggle up on the sofa, bottle of wine, remainder of the Quality Street and watch the recordings of all the TV programmes I refused to let everyone else watch because they should be playing family games and communicating not staring at the goggle box!(He he)
This will probably be my last blog for a while unless I have an overwhelming need to sit in front of a computer (unlikely!) so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone that reads this rambling nonsense and bloody hell it’s cold today! (Hope it stays this cold for Christmas…)

December 18, 2006

Memory Foam

I must be a bed obsessed person at the moment! We’ve had one person stay on the aerobed this weekend and they’ve confirmed that it is very comfy and a 60 year old with a dodgy back and hip should be able to spend Christmas night on it, especially if he’s had some of my home made sloe gin!
Now I’ve turned my attention to the poor quality of pillow on mine and HP’s bed. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I wake up with stiff shoulders and neck, which can’t be good for me, but it was only when HP started complaining too that I thought a change of pillows may be on the cards. I popped off to look at some yesterday and the choice is amazing (and confusing) coz you don’t know if they’re really going to be comfy and stop your neck aching unless you’ve actually slept on them! Anyway they ranged from £3.99 a pair (don’t think they’d last too long!) to £60 for one (I think that had gold encrusted coils or something) but I plumped for the middle range of £20 for some memory foam pillows.
They seem substantial, they weigh a ton in comparison to normal pillows and are very solid. I was quite excited about going to bed last night to try out the memory foam and all seemed well while I was reading book, my head felt cocooned and my neck supported but unfortunately as I thought I was drifting off to sleep my brain kicked in and wouldn’t stop thinking about work, Christmas, the world in general and the bloody memory foam – does it remember the shape of my head or it’s own shape? and if it’s my head, what happens when I turn over? etc. etc. consequently I didn’t get much sleep and have no idea whether the pillow is better or worse, although HP claims to have had a good night’s sleep – oh well there’s always tonight!

December 13, 2006


I was so exited the other day when I saw an advert for an aerobed
It seemed like the ideal thing for Christmas, it would solve so many problems, like me and HP not being kicked out of our bed to sleep on the lumpy futon, somewhere for both nephews to sleep, aswell as a great idea for when we decorate our spare room because it’s a lot cheaper than the bed settee I had in mind!
So convinced this was going to save me loads of hassle I attempted to order online and everywhere was ‘out of stock’, this obviously fuelled the consumer in me (i.e. it must be really good if everywhere has sold out!) the only place that wasn’t was MFI. So I thought I’ll be sneaky, I won’t order it online I’ll go to MFI and get it there and then. Popped over Saturday morning and they’d never heard of it, hadn’t realised they sold it or anything! After long searches on their own system they found it but the earliest delivery was Christmas Eve and as that’s a Sunday I thought it was unlikely to arrive in time, it is also the day that I’m cooking Christmas dinner (long story – families etc.) it wasn’t actually convenient. So I was very sad :( and resigned to the lumpy futon.
But then Argos flashed into my mind, I went online, they had one in stock in Coventry, I reserved it, jumped in the car and picked it up and brough it home as quick as I could and OH! what a lovely bed. It does inflate in 3 minutes and deflates very quickly, it’s very substantial and is the height of a proper bed so all our ageing friends can get on and off without damaging hips, backs etc. (that does include me too)
Now I just need to try it out ;-)
I now realise that I’m middle aged and I am totally caught up in consumerism if I can get so excited about an inflatable bed…but it will be so practical…..

December 11, 2006

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming….

In our house this is a tune that accompanies the time just before we finish work for a break, “Holidays are coming…Holidays are coming” etc. OK we stole it from the Coke advert but we like it and it sums up the feeling of anticipation before you finish work for any type of break and as this week is my last full week in work before a 2 week break it’s officially time to start singing it!
I can feel the excitement building up now, the joy of having 2 whole weeks at home, chilling, relaxing, cooking, entertaining, drinking, making merry, watching TV, yes! it’s definitely time to start singing ‘Holidays are coming…...”

December 06, 2006

Mark Thomas

Went to see Mark Thomas last night at the Arts Centre and I don’t really know what I made of him. It was interesting to watch someone with so much passion and dedication stand up and investigate such corruption as the Arms dealing in this country and if he didn’t maybe we would hear less about it and those that are involved would get away with more.
I accept that he has chosen the vehicle of comedy to get the point across but it just didn’t do it for me, the bits where he became sincere didn’t feel quite right and although this may seem a harsh criticism, at the end of the day he is making money writing and talking about it, albeit in a justified way.

December 04, 2006


I had a lovely weekend visiting my borther in Bradford on Avon, it really is a lovely town with some great architecture and history.
We went for a couple of walks along the river and canal. The first walk we saw a heron sitting very happily under the railway bridge, although I’ve seen plenty of those I’m always excited when I see another!
The highlight had to be our walk on Sunday. I had only a few hours previously mentioned that I’d never seen a Kingfisher and how much I’d like to when lo and behold my brother spotted one sitting happily in a tree. He wasn’t bothered that we were taking pictures, even though rumour has it they are very shy birds, and we ended up drawing quite a crowd of walkers gasping in delight at the unusual pleasure of spotting one of these beautiful birds. It really made my weekend and those funny bits of plastic I mentioned on Friday have really given me a wonderful clear memory of a great weekend and a rare sight of a Kingfisher.Kingfisher

December 01, 2006


I wear monthly contact lenses which means at the end of every month I take one pair out and put another pair in. So this morning as I was putting in my new pair it suddenly occured to me that this particular pair of contact lenses was going to help me see everything clearly over the next month including my family (who I don’t see very often), my friends (in all sorts of interesting social events in the coming weeks), a trip to see a comedian, a trip to Stratford, countless shopping expeditions and recipe books, numerous Christmas decorations (some glitzy, some gaudy), some good Christmas TV (not sure this is possible) and HP’s face when he opens his pressies! All these memories will be stored in my long term memory and the clarity of the events will be greatly enhanced by a pair of contact lenses, only for that insignificant piece of plastic to be discarded in the New Year, it’s weird when you really think about it.
On another tack, HP started his ‘pinch & punch for the 1st of the month, no returns’ this morning and when I tweaked his nose back he was aghast because I’d gone against the laws of gobblydy gook and no returns – just confirms my personal view that protective mysticism of any type is a pile of crap!

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