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November 30, 2006

really, nearly there!

Yes we’re really, nearly there to so many fun things:
1. Greek lesson (tonight)
2. Friday
3. Friday night!
4. The weekend
5. December (happening on Friday)
6. Seeing my brother (who I haven’t seen for ages!)
7. Advent calendar opening
8. Week 10
9. Christmas parties
10. Christmas presents!

I worry sometimes how much I look forward to the next thing, maybe I should just spend sometime enjoying the here and now…

November 27, 2006

It's nearly December – Yippee!

Feeling much better than I did on Friday, no screaming woman around to frighten children today!
Indulged in lots of Christmas shopping over the weekend which really began to get me in the mood for Christmas. I went to TK Maxx home store on Sunday to get a trifle bowl and came out with a trifle bowl, a jug, another bowl that will look just perfect on our new coffee table, a classy christmassy tablecloth for said table to prohibit the glass rings and scratches our relatives are likely to inflict and some coasters – all for £36 bargain!! But I could have bought loads more, especially the Christmassy stuff but I did have to exercise the little control I have otherwise we could end up with santa’s grotto! I don’t care though, it’s a lovely time of year and it’s great to get all the sparkly, glitzy stuff that ordinarily wouldn’t get house room, I say indulge yourself! Now where are my Christmas decorations…

November 24, 2006


woman screaming
Enough said!

November 23, 2006

No! It's not me that's the Doctor!

Got a phone call at 8am this morning – don’t know about you but I hate it when the phone rings that early, my heart beat quickens and I steal myself to hear the voice of someone I love telling me something horrible. Luckily, it was a man looking for our house so he could deliver HP’s new passport. As my breathing slowed and pulse rate returned to normal I gave him directions and waited….
One of my quirks is that I like to be on time so I’m waiting for this man to turn up and looking at the clock and getting anxious that I might not leave the house on time for work when I saw a car driving slowly past the house, so despite directions he still didn’t find it! Anyway I thought I’ll get my coat on and meet him outside, sign the form and I’ll be on my way. As he came over he was very smiley and good morningy which is nice but then he managed to spoil that with his next sentence “Is it you that’s the Doctor?” Now this might seem fairly harmless but it was the incredulity of the way he said it, as if to infer that it would be amazing if I, a mere woman could be a doctor! What made it worse is when I pointed out, no, it was my husband, he winked and said ‘well you’ve done all right for yourself’ (He had made the common mistake of assumimg HP is a GP).
Why do GPs still command such respect? (there are other equally difficult, demanding and praise worthy jobs that are less financially rewarding) Why is marrying a GP such a good thing? Why would it mean I’ve done all right for myself? and Why is it STILL assumed that women are unusual if they’re a doctor?
Luckily I managed to keep smiling at him, sign the form, get in MY car and drive MYSELF to work. let’s see if I can manage to complete a day’s work without assuming a man is going to help me!

November 22, 2006


I watched a programme last night called ‘Rain in my Heart’ that followed the lives of 4 alcoholics being treated under the NHS. This wasn’t a shock doc about how bad the NHS is or how terrible alcoholics are, it was simply about their experiences. 2 of the 4 died one was 26 years old and the other had not had a drink for 10 years. The overwhelming factor for me was the pure sadness that seemed to be swirling around all 4 of them. They had real bleak despair in their eyes, which even this morning I’m struggling to forget.
I find it difficult sometimes to be sympathetic with people who seem completley unable to help themselves or have any control over their destiny and appear in every way to be on a path to self destruction but after watching this programme last night I guess for most of them self destruction seems the sensible choice in enabling them to obliterate that awful sadness.
Makes me think how lucky I have been with my life…

November 20, 2006

Oh James!

As a confirmed hater of James Bond for many years I have now had to re-think my contempt!
I promised HP that we would go and see the new James Bond this weekend but I thought I would sugar the pill for me by adding a little bit of Chrsitmas shopping to the trip. Well, Daniel Craig was sugar enough for the bitterest pill!
I’m still not a lover of action films but I have to say that Casino Royale was much more believable in the action stakes than previous James Bonds, and of course there’s Daniel Craig who is not a conventional good looking man (in my opinion) but has certainly got something about him that makes you want to keep watching!
So the upshot is I may well be a James Bond convert – but only for this current film…
The Christmas shopping was quite succesful too!

November 17, 2006


Well I haven’t been able to post anything for a few days because as my last post said I’ve been a busy little bee and I just haven’t had time but I’ve really enjoyed being busy it makes me more motivated to do a good job. However, it’s now 4:20pm on Friday and very nearly time to go home for the weekend – yippee! Looks like it’ll be a little light Christmas shopping with a trip to see James Bond just to keep HP happy (my main aim in life obviously!)
Anyway, until next week….

November 15, 2006

Busy Bee

I have had a really busy day and it’s been great! I’ve dashed around setting up an exhibition stand, worked there until 1pm, dashed to the gym for my step class (which was particularly energetic today, I reckon the instructor must have had a bar of chocolate and was desperate to work it off!), dashed back to the office to pick up email then back to the exhibition stand to pack up and now I’m just getting all my ducks in a row for 3 meetings tomorrow. By the time I’ve done that it’ll be time to go home and then we’re off out for the night! I like it when I’m busy it makes me feel useful and happy…Busy Bee

November 14, 2006


HP commented that I was very quiet on the way in to work this morning and I can’t deny it, in fact, I’ve been silent all day. I have days like this when to communicate or talk is almost too difficult and all I want to do is be silent and do my thinking, observing and actually talking in my head. It’s not because I’m in a bad mood, upset or cross I’m just having a quiet day and I like them :)
There can be too much noise in this world and if I at least shut up for a day then that’s one less decibel to add to the general white noise of life.

November 13, 2006

New York, New York!

Had a really nice weekend of just chilling with HP, we didn’t have to go anywhere and no-one was coming to see us so it was really relaxed – lovely. It was not without excitement though, coz on Friday night we booked our trip to New York for my BIG Birthday celebrations. I’m very excited as I’ve never been to America and I’m looking forward to seeing all those famous landmarks of New York…the hotdog seller, roller skaters in Central Park, chinese food in a cardboard boxes, yellow taxis, pastrami on rye etc. etc. I also can’t stop singing anything with New York in the title…’I’m a native New Yorker’, In a New York minute ooooh oooh’, ‘New York, New York so good they named it twice’, ‘Fairytale in New York’ and of course …..’Start spreading the news….all done in the best crooners (pub singer) voice! Not sure HP can stand much more in which case I might not live long enough to get to the Big Apple in March!

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