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October 31, 2006

Victory is mine!

A victory, however small, can put a spring in your step even when you’re not competitive like me (ahem!). Take this morning, HP and I left for work together and as usual he got out of the drive and up the lane before me and went right towards the round about. Now I had 2 choices here I could either follow him as a dutiful wife or make a bid for victory by cutting across by the shops and trying to leap ahead of him as he came off the round about. This does sound sneaky but I will add it is a trick that he started and sometimes it works and sometimes you just see the other person sail past you with a smug grin on their face while you wait for the 10th zimmer frame passing to get out of your way! But today it worked, hurrah! with adrenalne pumping I saw his car glint in the sunshine, I steadied myself, put my foot on the accelarator, judged the distance, speed and with a spurt of fuel I was ahead and victory was mine! Small things…small things….

October 30, 2006

A vole hole?

Vole5am Monday morning and I’m rudely awoken by a screaming cat very proud of the fact that at the grand old age of 13 she’s managed to catch something – great! So of course the best action is to wake HP and tell him the cat’s got something and bless him, he does get out of bed while I turn over to ready myself for the inevitable scuffling, sighing and cursing that will follow. Sure enough after about 5 minutes of the former he comes back upstairs to tell me how cute the vole was, how he’d caught it but it jumped out of his hands and then how it escaped into the front room and there was no chance of him finding it so he’s shut the cat out and come back to bed; assuring me that the vole will find a hole to escape.
Now this maybe the case but I thought he’d told me how well we decorated the place and sealed up areas around the radiators etc. so where will this convenient hole be for the the lovely vole? So, I spent the rest of the 2 hours before I had to get up worrying about where the vole was, has it escaped? has it died from shock, only for me to find it’s cute but rotting corpse next time I move the sofa? Oh well another good start to the week…

October 27, 2006


Kalemera – see I sound like a native. Had a good Greek lesson last night, I really liked the language lab even if it wasn’t working properly. It was good to hear my own voice saying the words, I’m sure if we’d had something like that in my school I would have enjoyed languages much more than I did and have been better at them!!
Friday again and it’s one of those lovely autumn days, the sun’s shining, the leaves are falling and there is blue, orange, red and green wherever you look – fantastic! And it’s the weekend – double fantastic! Not sure what we’ll be doing but hopefully we might get out for a walk and a visit to the pub on a Sunday is long overdue, maybe we could take our Greek homework down with us, now that could be fun…

October 26, 2006

Stealth calling!

After my rant yesterday about people’s ignorance I finally managed to track people down, by stealth mind you!! I left it until about 5:25pm so just when they thought it was safe to answer the phone coz it’s bound to be some friend asking if they want to go for a drink and then I pounced He He!! A couple of phone calls got my meetings set up and I was still out of the door by 5:30pm. Success!
On a different tack I’ve started step classes again and they are so great! I just love step, you’ve got your own space, nobody can bump into you like in aerobics when they move across the floor faster than you. Iit’s harder to go wrong beacuse you can just concentrate on your moves and not bother what other people are doing. I certainly use up some energy the only down side is that my calf muscles have shrunk to the size of a peanut which is making walking normally particularly difficult! But a few weeks of twice weekly classes should sort that out.
One more good thing about today is that it’s Greek night. I’m really looking forward to learning some new words this week as I think I’ve mastered 1-10 and Ti tha parathe, me lena Sharon etc…
And tomorrow is Friday hurray!

October 25, 2006

No one wants to speak to me!!

Can you hear me?This title just suddenly came to me, I’m trying hard to do work etc. so I send emails, leave messages on answer machines but nobody gets back to me! Is it because my phone/email doesn’t work? Is it because I leave incomprehesible messages people don’t understand I need them to get back to me? Or are they just plain ignorant?
For example, I have automatically generated several emails through my (much discussed )Ebay transaction, I even sent a refund yesterday on the postage which sent an email to the buyer saying they had received this refund. Did I get a thank you? No! now this is making me paranoid because what if he is going to do a ‘chargeback’ on my Paypal account?
An example from work – I have at least 3 tasks to complete but I need input from other people but emails and phonecalls don’t seem to get the point across, meanwhile I’m in limbo twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to pull their finger out.
I can see it’s going to be a ranting day today!

October 24, 2006

Ebay success (I think…)

Well my phone did sell for a reasonable price yesterday (£70) and now I have to post it off. But I’m suffering from paranoia because I’m convinced that somehow I’m going to get stitched up. The money has been paid into Paypal but what if he does a chargeback? or somehow I give paypal account details and they get hijacked…I don’t think I’ll be using ebay again to sell anything it’s too scary.
Anyway, Tuesday has started off well, got a nice email from my brother inviting us down for Christmas but we’re already hosting it here. I would really like to see him though so I’ve suggested soem alternative dates when we can get together, let’s hope he agrees!
Work is picking up, got plenty going on although I just wish people would reply back to emails that I send them then I could get a lot further with what I’m trying to do!
Hey Ho time to get back to the grind and get my phone posted…

October 23, 2006


It doesn’t take long to come back round again – but then again hopefully Friday won’t either.
The weekend was good, we had a lovely time with T, E, G and D, the food went down well and the wine even better and I don’t think I got drunk enough to make a fool of myself – always a welcome change!. Got up early on Saturday to cook them all breakfast and send them on their way – so I think I’m the hostess with the mostess!
The rest of the day was spent tidying and recovering :(
Sunday was fun, HP agreed to go ice skating which was great. He didn’t like it much when he got there though. I don’t suppose it helped seeing someone with the ambulance service having done themselves a bleeder as soon as we got in there but I liked it! (the skating not the accident) Sunday evening we did our Greek homework which again was a laugh, although HP is so competitive he has to try and finish before me etc. it’s very funny really. So homework done followed by Venison casserole done in the slow cooker, a few glasses of red plonk and then a laugh at how bad Torchwood is and then bed. Quite a perfect day in a way.
Today is supposed to be farily busy with, fire alarms, more stats on LQ surevy a chat about the intraweb, a step class and a second go at trying to sell my phone on ebay – hey ho best get on with it all then!!

October 20, 2006

It's Friday Tra La La, It's Friday Tra La La!!

Wine Yippee, it’s Friday again but it’s the big day when T and E are coming to stay. I’ve got that horrible feeling when people are coming over that you don’t know that well any more, plus there are 2 people coming who we don’t know at all!! Will we run out of conversation? Will I just get drunk out of nerves and make an idiot of myself (I should be able to control my drinking I’m 39 for God’s sake!) will they be vegetarians and I’m making roast chicken aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I’m sure it will all be fine but it won’t stop me worrying about it…
The eBay thing seems to have got a bit better. The idiot who scammed me then deregistered which enabled me to open and close a dispute without having to wait 7 days, thereby I could offer it to the last eligible bidder – not sure if they are going to accept it yet.
Also first Greek lesson last night was brilliant ‘me lena’ Sharon…Ti tha parete – what do you want? ena Frape or mia bira especially later. HP was well impressed when I got home and is a bit worried that he’s been left behind but I’m sure he’ll catch up next week.
Oh well best get some work done – see you next week! :)

October 19, 2006

EBay scammers!

Can’t believe it my first time on eBay and I get scammed! I’m just tyring to sell an upgrade phone minding my own business and I don’t want huge amounts of money when some idiot, well actually not just 1 but 4 idiots (unless they were all the same person…) start bidding right at the end putting the sale price at £620!!!!
That means all my sensible bids were out of the game and I probably lost some money in the deal coz I’ve done a 2nd chance offer to the last proper bid hmmmph!
Although they haven’t got back to me so I might have to re-list it or just give it to my brother for Christmas….
On the plus side I’ve had my feedback from my line manager and it looks like I’m a girly swot and have made a good impression – careful though as pride does come before a fall!!! so actually maybe I should be extra careful in everything I do just to make sure I don’t fall flat on my arse!
Also got Greek lessons tonight which I’m looking forward to – Kalamera!

October 18, 2006

Seasons – Lovely

Autumn 1I love days like today, all misty and murky, it lets you know that the season is changing and we’re now well and truly autumnal. The clocks go back soon and I just love the way it indicates that we change what we do in our social life. Now it’s the time to take nice long walks over wet and muddy fields, kick leaves and end up in the pub with a big glass of red vino before stumbling home to have stew or roast dinner before cosying up to watch a period drama – bliss!
That’s not to say that I don’t like the other seasons it’s just each one has something different to get excited about, I LOVE BRITISH WEATHER you can keep your clear blue skies for months on end – great to visit and enjoy for a week at a time but it doesn’t provide the same buzz and excitement for me. And I haven’t even mentioned Bonfire Night and Christmas!!

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