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April 23, 2007

Enigmatic – that's me

It was Hp's mum's birthday last week and like a good son he phoned to wish her Happy Birthday and catch up on her news.  Apparently she had received a card from her cousin in New York who we spent an evening with when we visited NYC in March.  In it she commented that HP had 'matured well..' - he's past 40 now so you'd hope so and that I was 'difficult to know'.  HP kindly put it down to the fact that she didn't actually ask me anything about my life, history, background, work etc. and as it was a family thing I didn't get an opportunity to volunteer too much information.  When HP first told me I felt a little insulted as she's insinuating that I was being deliberately obtuse and unfriendly but now I've decided that I must be enigmatic which has a slightly more romantic and flattering connotation.

Strangely I always thought I was pretty much an open book what you saw was what you got, warts and all, I'd happily tell everyone about myself and then think maybe I shouldn't have said that or revealed too much etc. but hey ho I suppose it goes to show you learn something new about yourself everyday.

April 17, 2007


Why is it when I go to a particular petrol station Texaco I always get charged £10.01 despite very carefully stopping at £10.  When I look at the display it says £10 but when I get to the cash desk it's £10.01.  I think they're adding a penny to everyone's petrol, just imagine how many people fill up with petrol every day and get that extra penny added, it could amount to a hefty profit...

April 16, 2007

Welcome to Lucy

Follow-up to Triple A from HP's blog

Oh and the chicks hatched and I got to name the first one.  I named her Lucy and she was all black and fluffy.  That surprised me as I thought all chicks were yellow and then changed colour as they got older, it just shows you what 40 years worth of Easter advertising can do to you...

Triple A

Just got back to work after a fantastic week off.  I didn't go anywhere exciting just stayed at home but it was lovely.  I spent my time pottering around  the house and doing things I like doing, mainly 3 As

  • Allotment
  • Archery
  • Alcohol

All in  moderation of course :)

April 03, 2007

Hen pecked!

My neighbour's away again and I'm in charge of chicken feeding  - Yippee free eggs for me!  There is a slight problem though this time, one of the hens is broody and apparently they need special handling so HP and I popped round to see what we had to do last night.  When C opened the coop this big, black hen was all plumped up sitting on some eggs.  C has marked these with a red pen and they are not to be eaten :( as they have little chicks inside :) The problem is that when all the other hens start laying this broody one will gather them up under her and the one's marked with a cross might not get enough warmth and then die...oh no!  So we have to lift her up, sort the eggs out and take away the ones without the red cross.  Sounds easy enough.....but she's quite big and she pecks a lot to protect the eggs.  HP reckons we should wear a gauntlet to protect ourselves!

I'm secretly wishing that the eggs hatch while they're away and then I get to look at real Easter chicks and maybe even keep one or two....

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