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January 30, 2007

Is it just me?

I've had 3 meetings so far this week in different departments and each one that I've been to the women in the meeting have done 'the quick up and down look', why are they doing this?  I'm a woman too they shouldn't be doing this and I'm pretty certain women never used to do it. 

My reasons for why they do are not earth shattering but they do include:

  • the increased pressure from the fashion industry
  • the increased pressure from the diet industry (this does really tie in with the 1st one)
  • their need to reaffirm that they are better looking, thinner, better dressed, wear more expensive clothing etc. etc ad nauseum than the next person (again this all ties in to the 2 above)

Although these thoughts don't actually go through their head in that split second of looking you up and down, the points above just translate 2 ways depending on what type of day they are having, for example:

Good day

  • At least I'm thinner than her
  • That skirt, shirt, dress, shoes looks cheap
  • I wouldn't have worn that with that
  • That colour really doesn't suit her
  • Did she look in the mirror this morning?

Bad day

  • God why has everyone got such a nice figure and I just look fat?
  • she must get paid loads to afford those clothes
  • I wish I could get away with wearing something like that
  • That colour just wouldn't suit me
  • I wish I hadn't looked in the mirror this morning...

How do I know this?  I watch the expressions on their faces and read their mind or possibly I think these things too, however, I'm pretty certain I don't do the 'up and down' thing and I wish other women wouldn't too - it's not good and it just continues to feed your own insecurities if you are constantly measuring yourself against others - be who you are and be individual!! 

OK now for the hard part...taking heed of my own advice....

January 29, 2007


I had to make a decision  late Friday afternoon just before I left work which basically affected my whole weekend.  I'm currently working on a project that will inform people of future changes in a particular area.  The team has gone to some trouble to ensure that the information is correct, realistic, reassuring and most importantly non-inflammatory.  It is also being drip-fed as new information becomes available.  So how come some person outside of the working team decides it's ok to announce completely incorrect information that has the potential to cause more disruption than the actual project? 

I had the choice of leaving the comment to see how it would run but knowing that it could become something quite big and difficult to control or responding to the comment with the correct information but exposing more people to the information than we were necessarily ready to deal with yet - rock and a hard place springs to mind!

There was no one available to get advice from so I plumped for the latter, but I spent all weekend wondering if this decision was going to cause trouble for me come Monday morning!  However, so far so good, someone else has added that the incorrect announcement seems a bit of a waste of time and although the stats for the information webpage have increased I haven't had a torrent of panicky emails to deal with which is a big plus point!

I have been left wondering though why this person went to the trouble of announcing this incorrect information and I've come up with 3 theories:

  • They didn't have the correct information in the first place so thought it was something that should be raised.
  • Politically it will advance their cause as much of the work has already been done so they will look like they've made this happen
  • They just like to cause problems

I wonder...

It's a good job I've got the allotment to do my thinking on!  Another 2 days spent up there (HP even came up on Saturday!)  We've got some old carpet laid down on my paths and another 2 beds dug!
It's really beginning to look like an allotment.  I also hot-footed it down to the garden cantre and got some rhubarb and asparagas to go in a permanent bed - also spent a bit of time eyeing up the weekend perhaps...

January 24, 2007

Not so snow white!

I'm lucky enough that my drive to work passes a very nice pond with lots of ducks, moorhens, a heron (occasionaly) and 2 beautiful swans.  These swans always look so graceful, elegant and amazingly white.  Well not this morning!  Against all the snowiness surronding them they looked decidely grubby! I'd advise them to hang out on the banks of the pond that aren't covered in snow, or stand by a dark bush or something just to maintain their crisp, clean image....

January 23, 2007

Comfy bed

Well I spent the weekend up t'allotment and I was very lucky with the wind damage.  My self-constructed compost bin hadn't blown over and there was just one piece of tarpaulin in a nearby tree that I managed to retrieve.  The same can't be said of my neighbour who's greenhouse fell down! I managed to clear the ground on 5 other beds giving me a grand total of 8 beds but best of all I actually dug one over and I found big fat worms, red and white onions, some strange insect eggs and spider babies! My finished work looks as comfy as anything for the potatoes I plan to get in there and hopefully all this cold weather will break the ground up even further!

1st dug bed, I found onions and spider babies

I'm really enjoying spending time up there it might look like a waste ground but it's full of birds and really peaceful, it'll be great when I can start to watch things grow :)

January 19, 2007

The sun has got his hat on…

The sun HAS got his hat on and its staying on all weekend! That can mean only one thing...allotment time!  Yep, I think I'll aim to spend a few hours on Saturday and Sunday up there and just continue to clear the ground. There may well be some damage from yesterday's winds and I bet any money my tarpualin coverings aren't where I left them!  Still won't be able to do any digging though as the ground will be to be wet so I'll just have to curb my enthusiasim for that particular job.

I think the rest of the weekend will be taken up with a trip to the pictures on Saturday, some Greek homework on Sunday, ironing :( and HP will doing something with a saw and nails I think (he he!)

But feeling good coz it's Friday tra la la.....

January 18, 2007

Too many choices

A bit strange this entry in that I have several things I'd like to ponder on, rant or generally put down words but I can't make up my mind the choices so far are:

  • the wind and evacuation of the library
  • a bizarre programme about children's birthday parties
  • HP talking in a Russian accent
  • my lovely allotment

OK after a brief pause to reflect I've gone for the number one slot 'the wind and the evacuation of the Library'

The wind has been getting progressively worse throughout the day and larger metal sheets have been flying off the Library building.  It doesn't take a genius to work out that this extremely dangerous for anyone walking past.  The guys in the Library acted quickly and stopped people from walking between the two buildings and contacted Security.  Once they arrived we went into full scale evacuation because it was decided that to protect people we had to control the flow in and out of the building and the only way to do this was close the building and block off all the roads.

The majority of people I approached completely understood the situation but the reaction of some was unbelievable!  The other thing that amazed me was what people left behind  e.g. laptops, bags, coats (they were being sent outside!) etc.  All these belongings have been collected on trolleys to be picked up tomorrow.

The funniest thing though was some girls hiding in the toilet - given that the Library is now like a morgue did they think that we wouldn't spot them at some point?!!!

Looks like we're going to be shut for the rest of the day now but I'm managing to look out my window and watch security shouting at people who still insist in walking through a barricaded area!

January 16, 2007

You ain't seen me right!

I watched a programme last night (HPs choice) and it was not something I would normally be interested in but it turned out to be very good.  It was about the cold war and they had some great de-classified KGB footage. Undoubtably the double agent provided very improtant and crucial information.  What I found quite strange was that considering he was a spy he managed to get himself filmed doing the spying.  The programme showed actual KGB footage of him photographing documents by a window, meeting his 'mark' in a park and entering a door way to meet the same mark.  You'd think if he was a spy he'd be a bit more careful! 

Another interesting thing I discovered after watching this programme was how incredibly sexy the Russian accent is....

January 15, 2007

The sun shone on me!

I thought it wasn't going to happen and I'd resigned myself to disappointment but no I was in luck!  The weekend was just right for me to have a first go at my allotment.  Saturday I spent measuring, looking, smiling and planning.  The photos show what a mess it's in but after getting some stuff down on paper I'm confident that it will all come together.  Sunday was such a beautiful day that I managed to build a second section for my compost heap and begin the clearing of 2 beds, which are now covered over with tarpaulin to try and dry and warm the ground ready for some digging.  Only slightly bothered by the fact that I 'borrowed' material from what are obviously overgrown and unused plots but I'm not sure what the etiquette as regards this they have allotment police?

After all that strenous work I nipped off to the garden centre only to find they had a 50% sale on seeds, so I bought loads, + seed potatoes and onions, I can't wait until I can actually start planting stuff.

It really was a worthwhile and satisfying weekend, now I'm just looking forward to the next one so I can carry on in the same vein!

January 12, 2007


Had a weird experience this morning...I had an appointment to see a new dentist for the first time in 3 years and despite surronding myself in dentistry for the past 20 odd years in one way or another as I drove closer to the surgery I got more and more nervous that they were going to hurt me!  That is just weird, I've never been 'hurt' by a dentist in my life and I've had some pretty nasty things done to my teeth over the years, including removal of my canine teeth through my palate, 3 hours to get one wisdom tooth out with local anaesthetic, general anasethetic for the remaining wisdom teeth (bizarrely my back really hurt after that operation???) etc., etc. so I had no bad experiences on which to base my nervousness on.  Maybe it was just the fact that for the first time since I gave up being a Dental Hygienist I actually felt like a punter and didn't really know what to expect.

As it happened the dentist (female) was very nice, the surgery was in an excellent state of order and all health & safety and good cross-infection control methods were in place (my main problem with most dentists) and they had loads of up to date equipment.  Nothing was hurried and they took the time to talk which was also good.  To me this signifies that the principal dentist cares about his staff enough to give them enough time to treat patients effectively, in turn the treating dentist will value and respect their patients.  I got a clean bill of health so 'no fillings today Ma..' and just a nice scale and polish in a few weeks time.  The bill was a little steep but bearing in mind everything I've just said you get what you pay for and when it comes to my teeth I want to make sure it's a good environment!

On another tack HP showed me a picture of a lovely black male cat who needs a good home and he's really cute.  Unfortunately I'm not sure the old lady cat at home would be too happy to see another cat at home as she's already see one off!


January 10, 2007

must be my lucky day!

Follow-up to Oh crap! from HP's blog

No sooner had I written that entry the sun came out, that must mean there is a vegtable loving entity out there that chased the clouds away - hurray!

Now if it can only keep it like this up to and including the weekend I might be able to convince HP to help me dig as opposed to staying inside to make the attic access bigger.....

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