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January 29, 2007


I had to make a decision  late Friday afternoon just before I left work which basically affected my whole weekend.  I'm currently working on a project that will inform people of future changes in a particular area.  The team has gone to some trouble to ensure that the information is correct, realistic, reassuring and most importantly non-inflammatory.  It is also being drip-fed as new information becomes available.  So how come some person outside of the working team decides it's ok to announce completely incorrect information that has the potential to cause more disruption than the actual project? 

I had the choice of leaving the comment to see how it would run but knowing that it could become something quite big and difficult to control or responding to the comment with the correct information but exposing more people to the information than we were necessarily ready to deal with yet - rock and a hard place springs to mind!

There was no one available to get advice from so I plumped for the latter, but I spent all weekend wondering if this decision was going to cause trouble for me come Monday morning!  However, so far so good, someone else has added that the incorrect announcement seems a bit of a waste of time and although the stats for the information webpage have increased I haven't had a torrent of panicky emails to deal with which is a big plus point!

I have been left wondering though why this person went to the trouble of announcing this incorrect information and I've come up with 3 theories:

  • They didn't have the correct information in the first place so thought it was something that should be raised.
  • Politically it will advance their cause as much of the work has already been done so they will look like they've made this happen
  • They just like to cause problems

I wonder...

It's a good job I've got the allotment to do my thinking on!  Another 2 days spent up there (HP even came up on Saturday!)  We've got some old carpet laid down on my paths and another 2 beds dug!
It's really beginning to look like an allotment.  I also hot-footed it down to the garden cantre and got some rhubarb and asparagas to go in a permanent bed - also spent a bit of time eyeing up the weekend perhaps...

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