February 19, 2007

Are they or aren't they?

Great weekend full of stuff!  Went to see M,L and J this weekend in Manchester.  The boys went off to the football (only HP's 2nd big match, he was v excited!) and me and L went off to John Lewis looking for curtains.  I love that shop and yes I found my curtains at long last which now means I can plan the rest of the colouring for the bedroom.  Back to the house for a few glasses of vino while we watched the match from the comfort of their sofa.  A nice curry when the boys got back and then a quick sprint down the M6 and back at home by 1am, perfect!

Sunday was spent on the beloved allotment and it's looking more and more like somewhere you can actually grow food!  I've dug another bed and tidied up a bed that looks like it might be a row of fruit bushes, unfortunately I need some identification on this and I did take photos it's just they took too long to upload at home yesterday - so are they or aren't they fruit bushes? and if anyone has some handy hints of how to tell just let me know.  I was so pleased with all the work I'd done and it was so warm I decided to actually bite the bullet and plant something so in went my rhubarb and asparagus (photos to follow here too!) Now the blurb on the back of the packet said use manure but my trusted gardening friend T said he'd got rhubarb in his garden and hadn't used manure so I've followed his advice, but if my rhubarb dies then I know who to blame (just in case you're reading this T!)

One more question though, I think my seed potatoes have gone too far in their shoots and now feel a bit soft, is this normal or do I need to get some more and start chitting them again - I'd be grateful for advice!

February 14, 2007

Catch up!

It's been a few days since I put letters on a screen but then since my 'stuck duck' story there hasn't been much to ponder, rant or even just chatter about so here's a quick catch up on the last few days:

Holiday on Friday, snowed loads which was great :) but no snowball fights which wasn't great :(  looked at carpets which weren't as expensive as we thought which was great ;), bought the wrong paint though which wasn't great :(

Watched the rugby on Saturday which was great :) Wales lost though which wasn't great :(  Went to D & C's for fun and larks which was great :) I was driving though which wasn't great :(

Went shopping for curtains on Sunday which was great :) came home without any which wasn't great:(  Had a lovely walk in the afternoon and a drink in the pub which was great :)  then had to think about Monday morning which wasn't great :(

Went to London on Monday which was great :) but it was noisy and smelly which wasn't great :(

Had Valentine's pressie this morning which was great :) and having nice dinner tonight with sparkly stuff which will be great :) and I'll be at home with HP on our 11th Valentine which will be great :) Lot's of smileys now!!

See, balance in everything and the rewards will come....

February 08, 2007

Stuck duck!

This is probably one of the saddest things I've ever seen.  After work yesterday I thought I'd take HP for a drink down the local and stop off at the duck pond to watch the ducks slipping and sliding on the ice in what I thought was going to be a cute and funny way, but it was not to be! 

When we got there someone had left loads of bread and grain for them on the ice and there was some bigger swan sized holes that the ducks were paddling in as well as slithering about, so far so good. 

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a duck on it's own just sitting very still on the ice, I sent HP to investigate and it was stuck to the ice, it's feet were out of the water but its undercarriage was well and truly stuck.  What made it worse was when we tried to get closer to see if we could do anything to help it, it started scrabbling around with its feet and just going around in circles - it was so sad.  After trying to break the ice with long sticks and realising that all we were really doing was frightening the duck we had to resign ourselves to the fact that the duck was stuck!

But then things took a turn for the worse when all our commotion seemed to rouse the other ducks and they came slipping and sliding on the ice to the stuck duck.  In my naievety I thought they were going to help their fellow duck. I even thought they had a cunning idea when they started standing on it as I thought the weight of two or three ducks might crack the ice but oh no, now it was a f****d stuck duck - any opportunity!!

It ended with us having to leave the duck there and resign ourselves to the fact that it would probably be there all night and die of exposure or something.  I spent much of last night thinking about the poor duck but this morning when we drove past, it wasn't there so it looks like it was a happy ending after all. 

I do like a happy ending and the drink in the pub was good too!

February 07, 2007


What a fantastic day!  I had to leave half an hour earlier this morning for a meeting but it was great driving into work, less cars and more beautiful, frost covered scenery to see.  The poor ducks on the pond had no water to paddle in this morning they were just slipping and sliding on the ice.  The swans, however seemed to have 2 swan-sized holes, I presume they are heavier and their body mass must have warmed the ice up so they just melted through it - that could have woke them up with a jolt this morning!

And there's always the snow forecast for tomorrow, HP is getting very excited so I hope he doesn't get disappointed!

February 05, 2007

40th birthdays

Well, had the second of the run of my friends' 40th birthdays this weekend.  It involved a trip to Exeter for a big party but it was worth the effort!  It's going to be a very long time before I get the image of T in a pink ballerina inflatable suit head banging....I suspect most people won't  be able to rid themselves of the image, its made worse by the comment of his partner E 'no-one will want to try that on after he's been in there, it'll be full of wee!'  So he's got to the age of 40 and his bladder has already given up the ghost.

That aside, it was lovely to see my old friends again and relive some memories it was also brilliant to have a good old boogie, even HP was up on the floor for much of the night, so certainly a fun time. 

It's my turn next but I'm giving the party thing a miss, why have a party when I can go to everyone else's during the year!  D is talking about white water rafting for hers in July....we'll see, I quite fancy living at least until my next significant birthday!

February 02, 2007

We know how the song goes….

....It's Friday Tra La La etc., etc.  always a good day!

I've been preoccupied the past couple of days and haven't had any thoughts that I particularly wanted to express but one funny thing has kept coming back to so I might as well recant the tale.

The other day, before I left for work, I asked HP if he would put on the dishwasher after he'd finished breakfast, he promptly replied no problem, I remember how to do that 'I stuff a tablet in it's mouth, slam it's jaws shut and then poke it in the eye!'  He was still half asleep at the time and he does have a tendency to talk drivel whilst in this state but no, he was wide awake. 

If only I'd known I only had to think of a Batman/James Bond fight sequence for him to operate domestic machinery my life could have been so much easier! 

January 30, 2007

Is it just me?

I've had 3 meetings so far this week in different departments and each one that I've been to the women in the meeting have done 'the quick up and down look', why are they doing this?  I'm a woman too they shouldn't be doing this and I'm pretty certain women never used to do it. 

My reasons for why they do are not earth shattering but they do include:

  • the increased pressure from the fashion industry
  • the increased pressure from the diet industry (this does really tie in with the 1st one)
  • their need to reaffirm that they are better looking, thinner, better dressed, wear more expensive clothing etc. etc ad nauseum than the next person (again this all ties in to the 2 above)

Although these thoughts don't actually go through their head in that split second of looking you up and down, the points above just translate 2 ways depending on what type of day they are having, for example:

Good day

  • At least I'm thinner than her
  • That skirt, shirt, dress, shoes looks cheap
  • I wouldn't have worn that with that
  • That colour really doesn't suit her
  • Did she look in the mirror this morning?

Bad day

  • God why has everyone got such a nice figure and I just look fat?
  • she must get paid loads to afford those clothes
  • I wish I could get away with wearing something like that
  • That colour just wouldn't suit me
  • I wish I hadn't looked in the mirror this morning...

How do I know this?  I watch the expressions on their faces and read their mind or possibly I think these things too, however, I'm pretty certain I don't do the 'up and down' thing and I wish other women wouldn't too - it's not good and it just continues to feed your own insecurities if you are constantly measuring yourself against others - be who you are and be individual!! 

OK now for the hard part...taking heed of my own advice....

January 29, 2007


I had to make a decision  late Friday afternoon just before I left work which basically affected my whole weekend.  I'm currently working on a project that will inform people of future changes in a particular area.  The team has gone to some trouble to ensure that the information is correct, realistic, reassuring and most importantly non-inflammatory.  It is also being drip-fed as new information becomes available.  So how come some person outside of the working team decides it's ok to announce completely incorrect information that has the potential to cause more disruption than the actual project? 

I had the choice of leaving the comment to see how it would run but knowing that it could become something quite big and difficult to control or responding to the comment with the correct information but exposing more people to the information than we were necessarily ready to deal with yet - rock and a hard place springs to mind!

There was no one available to get advice from so I plumped for the latter, but I spent all weekend wondering if this decision was going to cause trouble for me come Monday morning!  However, so far so good, someone else has added that the incorrect announcement seems a bit of a waste of time and although the stats for the information webpage have increased I haven't had a torrent of panicky emails to deal with which is a big plus point!

I have been left wondering though why this person went to the trouble of announcing this incorrect information and I've come up with 3 theories:

  • They didn't have the correct information in the first place so thought it was something that should be raised.
  • Politically it will advance their cause as much of the work has already been done so they will look like they've made this happen
  • They just like to cause problems

I wonder...

It's a good job I've got the allotment to do my thinking on!  Another 2 days spent up there (HP even came up on Saturday!)  We've got some old carpet laid down on my paths and another 2 beds dug!
It's really beginning to look like an allotment.  I also hot-footed it down to the garden cantre and got some rhubarb and asparagas to go in a permanent bed - also spent a bit of time eyeing up the manure....next weekend perhaps...

January 24, 2007

Not so snow white!

I'm lucky enough that my drive to work passes a very nice pond with lots of ducks, moorhens, a heron (occasionaly) and 2 beautiful swans.  These swans always look so graceful, elegant and amazingly white.  Well not this morning!  Against all the snowiness surronding them they looked decidely grubby! I'd advise them to hang out on the banks of the pond that aren't covered in snow, or stand by a dark bush or something just to maintain their crisp, clean image....

January 23, 2007

Comfy bed

Well I spent the weekend up t'allotment and I was very lucky with the wind damage.  My self-constructed compost bin hadn't blown over and there was just one piece of tarpaulin in a nearby tree that I managed to retrieve.  The same can't be said of my neighbour who's greenhouse fell down! I managed to clear the ground on 5 other beds giving me a grand total of 8 beds but best of all I actually dug one over and I found big fat worms, red and white onions, some strange insect eggs and spider babies! My finished work looks as comfy as anything for the potatoes I plan to get in there and hopefully all this cold weather will break the ground up even further!

1st dug bed, I found onions and spider babies

I'm really enjoying spending time up there it might look like a waste ground but it's full of birds and really peaceful, it'll be great when I can start to watch things grow :)

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