June 12, 2012

"All Knowledge is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge

"All Knowledge is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge" ( Polanyi, 1996)

It is ver well explained by Polanyi or argued by him that the explicit knowledge we talk about are deeply rooted in tacit knowledge . The explicit knowledge which can easily be communicated depends greatly on the understanding of the individual which is his tacit knowledge . There is a famous say " You can lead the horse to the water but you can't make it drink . " In the similar way , an operator in the factory can be taught to use a machine in a particular way but it depends on his understanding that he does not injure himself . For example : we as students are trying to gain knowledge through the information imparted to us but it depends on the credibility of the individual , how they apply it . So somewhere or the other all knowledge is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge.

May 06, 2012

Giving up is not a option

The biggest learning that i have gained from this module is not giving up while we are under pressure. We had a very hectic week with our mega presentation . This is how we address our presentation - "Mega". We thought we nearly finished our presentation but we realized very quickly on the day before that we were left with a lot .

We still didn't loose hope and went on with our work and thought we could finish everything by evening . But that actually didn't happen , we were actually burning the midnight oil . But looking back , it wasnt a easy path , there was a point when all my teammates were giving up hope and were not sure about the presenation but we never let it get to our mind and kept going on. The next day we gave a pretty good presenation. This made me realize , that giving up is never a option , no matter what happens .

External Lecturer

We usually have a discussion on the review of the module which helps the tutor to put down the areas for improvement s and strenghts about the module . This time there was a intense discussion on a external lecturer who has a experience in this field of Knowledge Based Asset Management . While Paul was right till some extent that we need to be independent and learn by ourselves as that is the way we will be treated in a organisation .He also questioned about the exprience that the external lecturer have will be right or not and how will that knowledge be profitable for us .

I do agree to Paul but I also think that the experience provided by the lecturer might just help us to know ,if not completely but atleast slightly about how does a organisation work . I understand that it might not be right but the knowledge that we gained through out the week to make the presentation the whole week , how are we sure that we have made a right decision because every group had a different way of looking at things .In the same way every individual working in a organisation will look at it differently and have a different experience. I think it does make it a little easier to understand from one's experience .

May 02, 2012

We see what we want to see

We see what we want to see . Today, as I was going through this riddle on Facebook , I found my self so silly for not finding out the mistake which said:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

SHARE if you find the mitsake

It took me good 15 minutes to find out the mistake for which I found myself so silly . Then , when I sat down to analyse as to how could I miss on such a easily riddle is because our mind is set in a such a way that we see what we want to see and do not try to make any attempt to think out of it. It takes us quite some time to come out of that zone and then accept things.

I feel its somewhere similar in the case of an organisation , the management or the employees see what they want to see , they accept what they want to accept and it takes them quite some time to accept the changes .Therefore while implementing Knowledge management seems so easy in the class without actually going in the real life that we saw only the positive and not the negatives like the barriers which plays a huge role in implementing knowledge management.

It is said that it is good to be optimistic but being optimistic without looking at the hurdles and thinking it to be a smooth road, is more or less like being pessimistic.

( For all those who could not find the mistake in the riddle : Mistake lies in the spelling of mistake "mitsake" )


Knowledge plays a huge role in enhancing the overall output of an organisation. If there is continuous flow of knowledge then there will be productivity plus the organisation will have many more doors open to itself. As we all are aware that there are two kinds of knowledge , tacit and explicit knowledge .The problem lies as to how do we turn the tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. People working in the organisation will only share their tacit knowledge, once they feel they are in a safe environment and that their knowledge will be rewarded in some way or the other.So , ultimatley the kind of environment that is created within the organisation is very important for it to grow ,otherwise great ideas can never be recognized which might take the organisation to greater heights.

April 30, 2012

Safety Precautions

From young we are told to "be safe , don't get into anuy kind of danger "."Precaution is better than cure" . Then , why is that we tend to forget all these learning when we grow up . While attending the class today , there was a huge discussion on safety precautions as to why workers in the organisation forget to take these precaution or refuse to take it .. Why are they putting their life at stake? This is exactly what I have encountered in my previous working place where the employees refuse to wear the mask while working , when they are well informed that the air that they are breathing is injurious to health.

How do we stop this because ultimately , when there is a mishappening , the emloyer is held guilty . How do we stop this ? The suggestions in the class stated ( Showing them the consequencses , etc)do help but only till certain level and thats what happened in my workplace , the workers wore the mask for some days but the condition was back to square one. I think if they still dont adopt the habit , the only way is to punish them , not strictly but till a level where they take their health into consideration.


Importance of KBAM from my point of view

Knowledge based asset management is one module that is so important for me. The reason that lies behind what I say is because , before pusuing my masters I was working with my father , and all I would observe was machines breaking down every second day which would not only stop the production there fore affecting the supply of the materials but possess a lot of stress and tension throuout the organisation.

As we were speaking about stress and fatigue , trining and experience , workload , clear goals and objectives in our class , it just reminded me how it actually affects the workplace in real life . It brings down the morale and motivation to work plus creates a lot of tension in both employers and employee's mind. It not only brings down production level , it also leads to accidents which again incurrs a huge cost .

It can only be prohibited if the assets of the company are preserved and maintained which also include human resource as a asset.

April 22, 2012


So much of emphasis is given on taking the robust decisions but it is the outcome which every person runs after . We as a student are more concerned about our marks rather than analysing our decisions taken during the course of work . If the outcome is good , than a decision taken is considered robust but that might not be the case everytime , we cannot judge the decision just by its outcome. We might have taken the right decision even when the outcome is not good .It can be that a decision taken might not give the best outcome that time , it might give later on , so saying that decision was not robust is not right. These decisions are so subjective that the outcomes really should not be the ultimate answer.

Decisions under uncertainity

As i went through various articles , many of them spoke about making decisons under uncertainity . IT says that decisions get tougher when the situations are uncertain and not predictable. But , it jus brings a qestion to my mind-when is a situation certain. When can we predict a situation that no matter what it wil give us exactly what we expect.

For Example - In a cricket match we choose the right player ,doing all kind of permutations and combinations , depending on their skills . The selectors thinks that they have taken a robust decision of selecting the players but still the team looses , so how can we say that we are at any time certain about our decisions , no matter how robust the decision is .

The degree of uncertainity might vary but all every problem is uncertain and decisions cannot be completely guarenteed that it is certain.

Decisions made out of Intuition

Going back to the day , when i first thought that I am ready to do my masters, I had so many things running in my mind :

1. Which subject should I do my master in?

2. Will I be compatible enough to do that particular course ?

3. Which university should I apply ?

and many more...

But that time I did not have these decision tools to help me , make this decision . When I look back ,i think to my self will a decision tree give me a better decision or complicate my choices .Will it actually tell the rate of my success and failure , would that matter that time. Sometimes intuition , time and previous knowledge does help in making the right decision and does not lead to biasness . Because now when i look at my self I feel I had made the right and robust decision to come to this university .

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