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October 27, 2004

Shak Prince of Thieves

So archery, that's what I tried today…It wasn't like in the movies. I arrived a little late and wasn't presented with a stylish quiver (that means bucket for the arrows…you have to learn the lingo. I already knew about quivers, but only because I have seen them on the telly). Also was shocked to learn that it doesn't go on your back like in Robin Hood or Lord of the rings.

These initial teething problems aside it is really fun. They gave me a bow and three arrows (again not like in the movies, the points were, ironically enough, not arrow shaped) and set me to work on the closest target. I hit the centre repeatedly and felt like I was "The man". The nice lady teaching me then told me we should moved the target back a little. I, full of confidence, egged her on. Ready to show the veterns how a young upstart can outdo them first go. I failed. A little tip for those without perfect 20/20 vision: if you want to shoot an arrow a reasonable distance make sure you bring your glasses.

All in all a sport I want to carry on with. This is a big day in the calendar of Shakil. Today is the day I have found a sport society I like.

One more thing I think the whole arrow shape was designed to keep the arrow in a person after you shot them. I have realised that this isn't that important with a boss (that means the round thing the target is put on and also the thing I managed to hit instead of the target).

Put it this way, without my glasses, if you ever need someone shot with an arrow that is standing next to someone else I am your man. I advise anyone to give it a go.

October 25, 2004

The all encompassing world of beards

Todays hot topic….BEARDS. I want to know what the public thinks. I myself have recently entered on a beard like venture. At first it was scary. You look scruffy, you get judged. But listen to me my brothers (and sisters, some women are in the same situation) the juice is worth the squeeze.

The world is completely different once you join the facial hair club. You can scare kids with a single glance. You can avoid the police by shaving it off as you will look completely different (yes, thats right just like in the fugetive with Harrison Ford). I feel more of a man. Some would say I look less like one. I would call them fools. Beard = Man, there are the facts.

However it is not all rosey and nice. They itch. Some people are not blessed with complete growth. I am one of those people. You just need to keep the faith. One day you will be the envy of all your friends. I hope to have a 25% increase in beards on campus by then end of this academic year. Remeber "Resist the Shave!" I know its hard…I know.

Tell me your thoughts. Ladies, Gentlemen let me know what you think….beard….good or evil.

Just as an aside thought… lucas has a beard…upon further thougth this could be used for either argument : )

blogs, eh?

Well, Blogs. What can you say really? I am not even sure I know what one is let alone what to write in one. So if I stray from the intended purpose of this shiny piece of webspace then I apologise.

Right down to the nitty gritty. What do I plan to do with this blog. I feel today is an important day in the history of shakil's blog. Today will shape its destiny forever. As I sit here I wonder….shall I review films? books? the west midlands poor bus services??? all hot topics I'm sure. Perphaps I should just rant and drone on for paragraphs….Mission Accomplished :)

I am sure I will touch on all of these subjects during the time I am entitled to this blog. As I sit here listening to the theme from the A team and Al Green "Let's stay together" I feel empowered, able to do anything. Blog my way to the top. Even one day find out what a blog is. T'will be a glorious day indeed.

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