November 15, 2004

Travelling short distances alone with a book!

Originally I thought they were only two types of person in the world. The way to tell them apart was to mention the word travel. The first type would instantly have a boilogical reaction and their eyes would appear to glaze over, almost out of their control. These people were content at staying in england and later in life will take their children on a family outings to skegness. I will name them "stay-at-homies". The second are the more adventurous, they heads perk up as soon as the topic of a foreign destination occurs in conversation. They travel far a field in that neither world between college and university and return with outlandish tales from their merry jount accross the world. I always envied the "we-like-to-see-the-worldies"

I have decided this is wrong. But under the assumption that I was originally correct, I will reveal that I always classed myself as a stay-at-homey. If this was true then today I have changed.

Today, I embarked on a pointless trek to coventry and back (I didn't know if would be pointless at the start). I have realised that I love travelling, at least on a small scale. I started to remember the times I was forced to travel around the UK using various trains and busses, to go home or see a friend. I remembered the satisfaction of making my way to my destination and striking up conversation with strangers about the weather and the state of the railways service.

This realisation occured to me as I went in the newley operation swinging door in the royal leamington spa pump rooms. And finally to reccomend a travelling book….Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure. While I travel on a train for ten minutes he leads me on a journey to Ohio and back with many a tale on the way. He was able to draw me in and make me feel like I was going somewhere far away and make the time fly.

In conclusion, I will travel with a smile on my face more often.

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  1. Come to Hemsby!!!!

    15 Nov 2004, 16:56

  2. Rob Boulton

    Mr Shak,

    I also share a fondness of travelling and your blog just helped me to realise!-I think travelling makes me feel I have achieved something-to visit a new place, achieve something without even doing anything/very little effort!-if that makes any sense?!

    PS I think that Luke guy who posted a comment may be inviting you to visit him at his house!!-hmmmmm?!

    16 Nov 2004, 23:26

  3. Wanna go to Outer Mongolia this summer?

    20 Nov 2004, 16:52

  4. interesting offers…..travelling is indeed fun so both of those sound good. if you could blog me some details it might sway me :-) to hemsbey or to outer mongolia (by the way whats inner mongolia like….or for that matter what's hemsby like)

    23 Nov 2004, 00:04

  5. It's like warm apple pie

    24 Nov 2004, 21:50

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