March 30, 2005

The modern age man, are there limits?

In what some people laughingly refer to as the "good ol days" where a nagging hysterical woman could be told to pull her self together with a firm pat on the cheek many men had no input into their own childrens upbringing. This was left to the women while man, the provider, went out to work.

Todays roles are changing and men and women are becoming one combined gender goo….pardon the imagery. I approve, the roles should be equal however there are other things to consider and so I can now lead on to my point.

On two seperate occasions in two seperate places, one town and one city, I have seen something that has made me wish for the good old days. On these two occasions I was at a public urinal…the toilet, mans modern day castle, a dark dank hole aways from the worries of the world. I began to urinate, as is the custom and let my eyes wonder down. I spot a foriegn object in my peripheral vision…something that doesn't belong…I quickly glance left.

A small girl is watching me urinate.

What do I do? do I zip up half tank and run away? do I angle myself? and this has happened because a young modern father has decided to take his little girl out to town to visit the shops. He too needed to releave himself and was faced with the decision….do I leave my daughter outside unprotected or bring her in to watch strange men urinate next to me?

I'll leave you to decide whether the two fathers I encountered made the right call…

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  1. Ruth

    Maybe she just needed the loo. You often see mothers taking their sons to the ladies. I'm not particularly keen on this but if little boys go in the ladies toilets then there is not reason for little girls not to go in the mens.

    I was expecting something a little deeper from the title – am fairly dissapointed.

    04 Apr 2005, 11:33

  2. I'm sorry, for missleading you and for the dissapointment. I was merly put off by this because I was urinating in front of a little girl. I understand it works both ways but in my case a urinal leaves me a little more exposed to a young lady than I would like to be. Maybe I should stick to cubicals in the future to avoid a similar situation…

    05 Apr 2005, 02:36

  3. The problem, my dear chap, lies in loo segregation. Unisexes are the way forward, as I have thoerised for a long time. I pray for the unfortunate young lady :p

    13 Apr 2005, 17:29

  4. Han

    I think it's rubbish how you just can't do anything now without thinking everything through, looking at both sides blah blah blah. I was desperate to go for a wee wee at a concert once and the ladies cue was just so long I had to go in the gents toilet. It was certainly a laugh with the boys in there but one man said to me, 'If I came into the ladies and went for a wee I'd get done!' Bless him he was such a sweetie. In 'the old days' I would have been a lovely lady and simple crossed my legs until it was my turn to releave myself but lets face it, the old days are gone and we have to create our own rules. I am not surprised you felt put off by a little girl watching you wee though, I wouldn't like a little boy watching me! Maybe the boys loos should be all toilets so no one will ever get penis envy or feel uncomfortable and that man can simple take the little girl in with him, I mean she might have been scared of those pointy things! Oh and the boys loos might smell a little sweeter too!! Love your blogs Shak!!!! x x

    26 Apr 2005, 16:48

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